How to make a Solar cover reel?

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Solar Reel

A solar cover reel is used for effective storing and releasing of a solar blanket that is used to cover the pool. With the help of the reel, storing the solar blanket becomes easy and manageable. Very hot temperatures or chilly nights can make the water in the swimming pool unbearably hot or cold. That is one of the reasons specialized swimming centers use solar blankets for covering the swimming pools.  These can also used on the home pools. One of the advantages of the solar cover reel is the ease of use of the solar blanket, which otherwise has to be kept aside and stored. If it is kept in the corners, chances are that it may go limp due to dampness , get mildew and also make it difficult to use it on the pool when needed. Having a solar cover reel is an arrangement that enables the covet to be stored properly when not in use and rolls on when the cover is to be pulled back. Different models  and sizes of solar cover reels are available depending on the pool size for both above ground level or in-ground.  The solar cover is attached to the reel like a big thread is needled and with the help of crank the cover is rolled and unrolled slowly.



What are the different models of solar cover reels?

Different types of solar cover reels are used for above the ground and grounded swimming pools. Some of them are:

  • The wheels reel system: This type of solar cover reel is quite large (around 51 cm) and can be easily rolled over any type of surface. Due to the specially designed wheels attached to the solar cover reels, putting the cover or moving it away becomes effortless. These types of models are more suitable for in- ground pools that are around 2- 7 meters in width and 12 meters in length.
  • Blanket Handler Plus Reel System: This type of solar cover reel is highly durable with many convenient features. It is prepared in the form of three way design which makes stationary placement, mounting on wall or fence or mobility with the added feature of lock casters. These cover reels are especially good for in-ground pools of 4 - 6 meters width and 12 meters in length. The reel is equipped with wide track bearings that ensure easy rolling of cover.
  • Low profile In-ground reel system: This system is particularly developed for placing under the Diving boards. The design is usually more applicable where the higher profile cover reels are not suitable. This model is very much flexible and has the capacity to meet all types of solar cover reel residential requirements. It is more suitable for rectangular pools of 4.47m to 6.07m width and 12.2 m length having radius corners of 15.24 cm.
  • Dual Tube Systems: This type of solar cover reel fits all types of pools with varying shapes and sizes. It has the capacity to help cover large pools. Each frame of the reel possesses dual bearings due to which the blanket rolls up quite smoothly.




What are some of the things to keep in mind with a Soalr cover reel?

Some of the things you have to keep in mind when buying a solar cover reel or making one is, all the materials have to U.V and chemical resistant. Otherwise these will get damaged in the sun and the cover itself might go bad in a few months. One can look at Craigslist where people sell solar covers and might cost you lot less than at a store. Another problem you have to consider is, leavin git on the pool for days at a time. If it is summer and warm and you leave your on for days at a stretch it could promote algal growth. So try to open the cover every other or two days atleast to let the air circulate to avoid this problem.



How to make a DIY solar cover reel?

If you have a swimming pool at home and would like to make a solar cover reef on your own instead of buying an expensive one from the market, the following steps will help you:

  • Firstly measure the width of your swimming pool with a measuring tape. Add 1 foot more to the measurement so that the width of the entire solar blanket can be straddled efficiently by the solar cover reel on either side.
  • Get a pair of reels, screws and aluminum tubing from the market. While purchasing the tubing keep in mind that the tubing length should match the measured width of the pool plus the extra one foot.
  • Generally 4 inch tubing is good for a swimming pool having width less than 20 feet. But if the width of the swimming pool  is more than 20 feet the tubing, it  should be more than 4 inches. The excess length of the tubing will prevent the sagging of the cover in the center.
  • To ensure further rigidity in the tubing, fit three lengths of tubing into one another and fasten them with the screws. Due to the overlapping of tube sections, the solar cover reel will be able to hold the solar cover with more strength.
  • One of the greatest advantages of preparing solar  cover reel  by using three tubes, is that it saves the effort of cutting or unnecessary sliding during the complete assembling of the solar cover reel.
  • Finally, you have to attach the solar cover to the reel with the help of straps. It is easier to use the straps that come with the universal strap kit and are available at the local pool store. If not, you can order them from the internet.
  • These kits are complete with grommets, hardware material and off course the straps, due to which you would be able to get all the things in one kit and from one place.


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