Apps 4 Africa

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Key Info
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Apps 4 Africa
Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania
Eligibility Criteria
Competition Dates
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July 1, 2010
Competition Entry Submission Date: 
August 31, 2010
Competition Final Event Date: 
September 2010

Apps 4 Africa is a contest to highlight the talent of local developers in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania and to leverage the power of digital technology to make a better world. The challenge is to build the best digital tools to address community challenges in areas ranging from healthcare to education and government transparency to election monitoring.


Technology is transforming the African continent. In East Africa alone there are 50 million mobile phone subscribers and an increasing number of mobile web users. Across the region, the number of IT graduates and tech entrepreneurs is exploding, providing new opportunities to foster social and economic growth.


Apps 4 Africa challenges local technologists to develop tools on a variety of platforms that build on the needs of citizens or on open data sets relevant to the East Africa region.

The contest runs July 1st- August 31st. Winners will receive a small bit of fame and fortune — cash, gadgets, chances to improve your technical skills and the opportunity to hob nob with our judges panel of tech luminaries and civil society leaders at an awards ceremony in September.


Contest Goals

  • Provide a platform to showcase regional technology talent while urging the creation and release of code for the benefit of all;
  • Support the creation of applications that benefit the citizens, civil society organizations or governments of East Africa;
  • Highlight the power of citizen crowdsourcing platforms and open data to generate good ideas that improve the world.

Participating in Apps for Africa



Anyone— whether citizens, coders or civil society organizations— can submit ideas for problems that might be solved through the use of digital technology. Submissions can be made on this website, Facebook, Twitter (#apps4africa) and through SMS in Kenya (text 3002 w/ keyword ‘apps’ anywhere in the message).


Citizen can also participate by voting good ideas to the top of the site, where technologists can build tools based on these submissions. Regardless of the final results, these ideas will be accessible to the public long after the contest ends.



Contest submissions can be built for any platform using any open source code format and can be submitted at our code repository ( The contest is open to residents of the East African nations of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. To enter, all you need is a working local mobile number where we can reach you. More details on contest terms of service page.



Mentors, technically-minded individuals who are interested in supporting contest participants, can contact local developers and post their technical interests on the wiki.


Judging Criteria

Applications will be judged on:

  • Usefulness to the citizens, civil society organization or government of East Africa;
  • Potential for application to be useful for other institutions in the world;
  • Appeal of the application from a usability perspective;
  • Inventive and original nature of the application