Birth of medicine

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2600 BC
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Egyptian pyramids and the hieroglyphs on the walls of the pyramids were the first recorded evidence of humanity practicing some form of organized medicine. And if there is one person that can be credited with starting the practice of healing humans, that is Imhotep. In a way, all of us owe this immense progress in medicine to one Egyptian who lived about 5,000 (around 2600 BC) years back.


Imhotep was also the only commoner who achieved a status that was very close to that of the pharaohs. Imhotep is also credited with pioneering other sciences including Engineering and Architecture, along with Medicine.  He was the only known commoner in Egypt, who is known to be buried in his own Pyramid, that was designed and built by Imhotep himself. It goes to show that innovation and creativity have always been regarded very highly, even by kings and ministers that lived 5,000 years back!!