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Competition Sponsors

Competition Sponsors





Hitex Logo InnovateUs Logo
Supporting the competition by providing their venue to host the final event on August 20th, 2011 Supporting the competition by providing an online hosting place for the MuseMach Competition website, as well as online promotion




IDEO logo Ogilvy logo
  • IDEO (Jon Kaplan and Sandy Speicher) helped refine rules of the competition and judging criteria
  • They were instrumental in creating the logo for the competition
  • We would not have been able to develop the wonderful competition brochure without their help
  • Ogilvy India helped create the fun and color posters, that you see on the right side
  • They helped refine our marketing strategy
TV9 logo Naandi Logo
TV9, one of the most popular TV channel for Andhra Pradesh,  has offered to play our one-minute TV advertisement, pro bono, to help get kids excited about the competition and register for the 2011 event Naandi, an Indian non-profit focused on promoting literacy and education in India, has offered to support this competition by encouraging schools kids from villages and towns to register for the competition