History Timeline of Rockets

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From looking at historical reports, the observatories that were built from way back all over the world to see the heavenly skies, we can see that humans were fascinated with reading the skies and  dreamed of going to  space. This was no small  dream since it took   quite a few centuries for us to develop the technology to fly  and then finally escape earth's orbit. The Chinese and Mesopotamians were the first civilizations to use rockets  as fireworks.Rockets gained popularity as weapons by the Chinese during their wars with Mongols and were used in wars against the Arabs. It was in the  20th century that rockets and space technology evolved and man was  finally able to  achieve space travel.


3100BC : StoneHenge must've been an astronomical site to observe skies.

1232 B.C : Chinese first used gunpowder filled tubes and discovered that they were being propelled by the escaping gases and thus the first true rocket was born. They filled a tube with gun powder  closed on one side and open at the other end and attached the whole tube on a stick to give it a straight direction. 
1258 B.C : Rockets arrive in Baghdad when Mongols fought against 
400 B.C : Archytas amused the citizens of Tarentum by flying a wooden pigeon. He used the action and reaction principle even before it was  stated as a scientific law. Escaping steam propelled the bird suspended on wires. 
700B.C : Heron of Alexandria, invented a  rocket-like device called an aeolipile. It used steam as a propulsive gas.

15th Century

1402 : Konrad Kyeser wrote his treatise between 1402 and 1405 when he was exiled from Prague to his hometown of Eichstatt.He wrote Bellifortis, this was the first mnaul with illustrations of war weaponry which included rockets.

16th Century:

German Johann Schmidlap a fireworks maker  invented the multistep rocket. A large rocket had smaller rockets which started firing off when the large one died out.
1571 : Johannes Kepler described the 3 laws of planetary motion.

17th Century

1608 : Telescope was invented.
1650 : A Polish military expert, Kazimierz Siemienowicz made a series of drawings on rockets.
1668 : A German Christoph von Geissler did experiments on rockets weighning about 25-55 kilograms.
1687 : Isaac Newton came up with the  three  gravitational laws.
1696 : Robert Anderson an English Scientist presented a treatise on how to make rockets,propllents with calculations.

18th century

1783 : In Annonay, France  the first manned balloon was demonstrated.
1798 : Tipu Sultan a King from South of India used rockets in warfare against the British.

19th Century

1803 : Willian Congreve of England developed military rockets. they calle dthem the Congreve rockets. the British used them in America.
1806 : Claude Ruggiere tried launching animals with rockets. He then used parachutes which were tied to them to retrieve them back.I wonder if they come back alive.
1813 : The first rocket equation was written by William Moore.
1865 : Jules Verne wrote about launching man on the moon using rockets.
1883 : Tsiolkovsky came up with mathematical formulas for space travel and talked about zero gravity. He also mentions about multi stage rockets which he thought was the only way to go to space.