How does stem cell gel heal brain injury?


Injuries are a way of life. Right from our childhood to the age of adulthood, injuries accompany us at every step. But minor injuries heal quickly and teach us to be more precautious. But some injuries are so severe that they damage a particular organ for life and can force us to live life of a dependent. Brain is one our most important organs, the master of our nervous system. Injury to it can lead to fatal consequences leaving us in a helpless state. Soldiers and fighters are more prone to such injuries. Research has been going on for years now and new technologies and studies have opened up the filed of stem cells as an alternative to repairing the damaged tissues in the body. Though it has been a controversial topic  it holds a lot of promise. Here’s the good news! The latest development in stem cell technology has revealed that a stem cell gel will be able to heal even the most deep brain injury.


What is  a stem cell gel?

It is a blend of synthetic and chemical components which grows on the neural of stem cells and stem cell gel thus formed is used to repair the damage in brain. The treatment has been tried on rats in US and the results were found to be amazingly positive. According to the scientists working on the project, the stem cell gel thus evolved would be available for medical use in the coming three years. The results of the experiment were put forth in Military Research Forum, Kansas City, US.


The man behind the project

This project is being led by eminent biology expert, Dr.Ning Zhang and the research is still being carried out at the Clemson University, South Carolina, US. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is considered to be fatal and very serious damage is done. Stem cell gel has been found to be extremely effective when used on adult rats with TBI. The injuries have shown rapid healing and recovery. Damage to lesion cavity of brain is considered to be irreparable. But stem cell gel with the use of tissue engineering technology can now repair the structure of lesion cavity.      


How does stem cell gel works?

At present whenever, a person suffers a  brain injury, he is treated with cooling or hypothermia procedure. But this has not been found to be so effective. The latest biogel technology is guaranteed to work more efficiently. In this process, stem cell gel will be injected into the cells of wounded part of the brain. These stem cells are immature cells capable of producing any kind of tissues in the body. In case of brain, the stem cell gel will effectively start the formation of new nerve cells in the wounded part and help its recovery.  The chemical components of neural stem cells help the growth of new tissues in the damaged area.


What are the different uses of stem cell gel?

The main aim behind the development of this stem cell gel is to provide a solution for damages incurred during accidents or for soldiers in the battlefield. These wounds are deep and are very difficult to heal. The researchers believe that stem cell gel will effectively heal the brain wounds and can help in rapid recovery of the soldiers. It can be also useful in the treatment of injuries due to car crash and any other such accidents. But even then, the world will have to wait for another three years for this magical healer to come into reality. 

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