How to get rid of Ear Pressure?


Ear Pressure is when we feel that we have partially gone deaf in one or both our ears that makes hearing, slightly impaired. It may easily resolve on its own in some cases, or it could require extensive treatment depending on what caused the pressure. There are a number of things that may cause ear pressure, so before people attempt to solve it on their own, they may want to have a physician examine their ears to see if there is an obvious solution.



What are the Causes for Ear Pressure?

One very common cause of Ear Pressure is changes in Barometric Pressure. When people ascend upward quickly, problems can occur in the Eustachian Tube and the ear can feel blocked. Many people have this sensation when they’re on airplanes, and some will even feel it if they quickly climb a mountain in a vehicle. Ear pressure can be caused when the ear has too much wax build-up. Those who use cotton swabs should be aware that if they use these to clean out the ears, which is never advised, they run a risk of damaging their ears. From time to time, people will knock a bit of wax right onto the eardrum, which may create a pressure sensation, or might only result in people feeling like they can’t hear out of one ear. Other times the whole ear becomes blocked with wax and creates muffling and pressure.


Middle Ear infections may create ear pressure, and these may require quite some help to resolve. Another potential cause of ear pressure is swelling of the thermandibular joint. It’s not always known why swelling of this joint creates pressure in the ears. An additional rare cause is actually the result of the bone in the ear forming improperly. This is called Osteoclerosis and it sometimes cause  ringing in the ears too.


How is Ear Pressure Developed?

The Eustachian tube connects the middle ear to the back of the nose. This tube opens and closes while we swallow or yawn. This movement helps equalize the pressure between the middle ear and the outside environment. If it does not work properly, negative pressure develops in the middle ear leading to ear problems  like a blocked ear, ear pain, slight hearing loss or ear pressure. This middle ear infection can be caused due to ear wax build up, cold, sinus.


What are the remedies for Ear Pressure?

Try to yawn. Yawing will help in opening the Eustachian tubes, hence, allowing the pressure in the middle ear to equalize with the air pressure in the environment Eat a chewing gum or hard candy. This will allow some movement of the Eustachian tubes which will help relieve ear pressure. Close one of your nostrils with your finger and blow your nose gently. Don't blow with force, as this may lead to severe ear pain. Fold Paper towels and wet them with hot water and place them over your ear.  Sleep on your side with the affected ear on top. Now, place a small cup, over the towel placed on your ear. The heat from the paper towels will force your ears to open up and relieve the ear pressure. Buy a decongestant or nasal spray. These will help cure ear pressure caused due to sinus infections, but before all these are undertaken it is advised to consult a doctor first.