How to take care of a Heat Rash?


What is a Heat Rash?

Heat Rash is also known as Prickly Heat. Heat Rash can happen to anyone be it a baby or a full grown adult. Heat Rash usually occurs when the weather is hot and humid.  It develops due to the sweat duct getting blocked, resulting in blisters and red, inflamed skin, It can also  cause a 'prickling' or stinging sensation. It is also referred to as Miliaria crystallina. Heat rash can be superficial in which case the blisters formed are small and clear. They are not as painful and will clear up without medication unless the hot humid weather returns.


The Heat rash which affects the deeper layer of the epidermis is called Miliaria rubra. Also known as "prickly heat". Develops in adults who are in bed rest  during the hot ans humid summer months. Infants mostly develop this during the first and third week. It is characterized by itch prickly bumps.


The third kind is the Miliaria profunda which occurs in the dermal layer of the skin below the epidermis and so is a deeper rash. It occurs in people who exercise an sweat a lot.  Red lesions.


How to take care of a heat rash?

  • If you notice a heat rash the best thing to do is go to a nice cool place. Air conditioner or front of a fan  to cool you down. 
  • take a nice cold shower or a cool bath by adding about 3 tbsp of   ground oatmeal that is fine or a couple of tbsp of baking soda to your bath.
  • If you cannot take a shower put an ice pack or cold compress to cool you down
  • Apply cornstarch powder at the site of the heat rash as it is soft and helps absorb the moisture
  • Getting more air is always better as it helps your body regulate temperature and prevents getting heat rash.
  • In India sandalwood paste is applied on the heat rash which helps the eat rash subside very quickly.