How to Treat a Swollen Finger?

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It is almost impossible to think of doing any work without the help of our fingers. We use our fingers to do many kinds of functions, and there is a higher possibility of the fingers getting hurt more often due to a You do not have access to view this node or an injury. But there could be other reasons such as inflammation due to  infection, arthritis or pregnancy which can lead to swollen fingers. A swollen finger also could sometimes mean that you have been neglecting to take care of your body properly. However, when a single finger is swollen then it could be  a trauma, infection or tissue damage to that finger. Swelling is caused due to the buildup of fluids in the injured or infected region. The fingers play a major role in doing any work and can result in overworked fingers which can sometimes become susceptible to swelling. A Swollen finger can be treated at home in some cases but it is important to take care of it right away as swollen finger or fingers can cause  a lot of discomfort or pain thus resulting in an inability to perform any work with them.



What are the Causes of a Swollen finger?

A swollen finger can occur due to many reasons,

  • Cause for swollen finger includes injury, infection, repetitive motion and broken finger. It is necessary to consult a doctor for a broken finger as it can lead to a fracture and can take a long time to heal if not attended to, early on.
  • Nail biting also causes serious infections. As the protective lining around the nail is lost in the biting, it is exposed to germs, resulting in an infection. In such cases, one might have  to use antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication prescribed by a doctor
  • Paronychia is another condition where pus is formed below the nail and skin leading to a inflammation and redness around the area. There can be collection of fluid due to this and also can be quite painful.
  • There is a higher probability of swelling during pregnancy and this could mean  higher blood pressure as well and should be taken care of promptly by a medical professional.
  • Due to nerve compression sometimes it can cause a swelling along with a tingling sensation
  • Carpel tunnel Syndrome
  • Sometimes it can be a superficial skin infection such as Cellulitis ,which can cause a swollen finger and in most cases is easy to deal and treat
  • Swelling of joint, such as a Ganglion Cyst which can cause swelling as well
  • Herpetic Withlow is another condition that can be caused by the Herpes simplex virus. It can affect one or more fingers and the terminal phalanx  gets affected. The virus attacks through a cut on the finger. If you touched someone's saliva who has the Herpes virus or if you came into contact with a HSV1(mouth)and bite your nails or HSV2(which is sexual contact)lesion, you could get the infection



What is the Treatment for a Swollen finger?

If you got a swollen finger either by jamming or twisting, then there is one method to apply, and that is RICE(not the eating rice). RICE stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. The first step to follow is when your finger is swollen, rest the area and apply ice for about ten minutes to the swollen area. Next cover the swollen area with a tape or bandage. Do not wrap the bandage too tightly as it stops blood circulation. Well the last part which is elevation can be followed through by keeping the finger in an upright position. This process should be repeated until the swollen finger gets better. Even after a couple of days, if the finger still hurts and doesn't look like it is getting better then it is time to visit your doctor as it could be a fracture or  an infection.

On the other hand if you have a cut on the finger, clean and wash the cut with water and medicinal alcohol. Apply a small amount of Polysporin or Neosporin(some people can be allergic to Neosporin) which is an antibiotic ointment to the cut and apply a band aid.



What are some of the Home remedies for a Swollen finger?

Swollen finger is most of the time, not dangerous. Treatment can be done with the items available at home. Here are some home remedies for the nonthreatening situations, 

  1. Herbs can heal infections and one such herb or spice is Turmeric powder which is both an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and can heal any wounds. It kills the bacteria that cause the infection and pain. Turmeric powder is mixed with water to form a paste and then applied to the swollen area. wrap a bandage around it  so that the color doesn't stick to your clothes as it is quite or almost impossible to take away the yellow stains on clothes caused from turmeric.
  2. Another home remedy is to add turmeric powder, carom seeds and chopped garlic in a small bowl. Heat them with mustard oil in a pan. Apply the warm oil to the swollen finger.
  3. Epsom salt remedy consists of magnesium and sulfate. Epsom salt is boiled in one cup of water and the swollen finger is dipped in the warm solution. This remedy can help in relieving pain from the swollen finger.
  4. Tea tree oil has antibacterial, antivirus and anti fungal properties. The oil cures minor wounds on the swollen fingers.
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