Paraffin Wax Treatments

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paraffin wax treatment

Paraffin wax is an emollient obtained from refined mineral crude oil. The characteristics of paraffin wax are that it is non-toxic, odorless and free from any side effects when it comes in contact with skin. Due to the oil content in paraffin wax, it is a softer wax compared to traditional wax and hence melts at a lower temperature. The cosmetic and therapeutic properties of Paraffin Wax have been known  since the Roman civilization.


Is paraffin wax used  for treatment of skin?

Paraffin wax can lock in  skin moisture  for a longer time and is popular in spas and salons. It is used to provide extensive moisturizing for dry skin and makes skin soft and supple. Paraffin wax is also warm and soothing and is particularly helpful in winter season. Paraffin wax is melted  and poured into a wide dish in which the hands and feet can be submerged. Hands and feet are first moistened with a vegetable oil and then dipped in wax to form layers of wax on the skin.  This is repeated until several layers are formed and is then left to harden. After some time, this layer of wax can be easily removed and it does not stick to the skin. A lot of spas mix aroma oils in paraffin wax to provide a calming effect. This treatment also helps in improving blood circulation in the body thereby lending a glow and health to the skin.


Is paraffin wax used in relieving  aches in  Arthritis?

Paraffin wax has been used in medicine to reduce inflammation and stiffness in joints and relieve body aches. Not just this, it is also used in treating arthritis, stiff fingers or injuries. The method of application is the same as it is done for moisturizing and one can get it done at home also. Paraffin Wax should however be avoided under a few circumstances viz., if one’s skin is sensitive and dermatitis, burns or injuries are present. People with heat sensitivity or Diabetes should also stay away from Paraffin Wax.


What are Paraffin Baths?

Apart from these main uses, Paraffin baths are also very common and are provided for all-round rejuvenation of the skin and maintains elasticity. Many spas offer a paraffin wrap in which the body is wrapped with a coat of paraffin wax and then in a cloth to preserve the warmth. This method opens up pores in the skin and makes it healthy and soft. All these treatments when taken in a spa or salon are no doubt expensive but they are equally convenient to do it at home too. A little care and safety is all it takes to make it a comfortable experience and easy on the wallet too.