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InnovateUs Innovation Management System™

Innovateus Innovation Management System™ is a comprehensive idea management solution built on the principle of Wisdom of Crowds.

Our core philosophy is that, individuals are more creative than groups, and people collectively are better at predicting outcomes. We use this approach to bring you a unique solution that offers an always-on forum for innovation and creativity. It leverages the collective intellect of all participants to select the best ideas for implementation.


Product Overview

The InnovateUs Innovation Management System™ provides a large set of tools that help you manage every stage of an innovation. Every organization is different and our system is customizable to fit your specific organizational process. We are constantly adding new tools and services to help you realize the true potential of innovations. 

The InnovateUs Innovation Management System manages the idea lifecycle in 3 steps:

Idea Creation

InnovateUs Idea Template™ is used to represent ideas in a simple yet comprehensive format. The idea forum is used to evolve ideas in a collaborative effort.

Idea Selection

InnovateUs Idea Marketplace™ provides a Prediction Market for ideas. The Idea Marketplace ties incentives to the performance of ideas, providing participants the necessary motivation to promote only the best ideas. In addition to the Prediction Market, integrated tools like, Surveys, Ratings and Voting can be used to collect necessary metrics to evaluate the ideas.

Idea Analysis

InnovateUs Idea Analyzer™ provides tools to mine through ideas and aid in the decision making process.


Leveraging The Prediction Market

In a traditional stock market stocks are listed for corporations; and people buy and sell these stocks. The decision to buy or sell is based on the percieved performance of the stock in the future. If you think the profits are going to rise you will buy and if you think the profits are on a decline you would sell.

In the InnovateUs Idea Market stocks are listed for ideas and innovations. If you like an idea and you think the idea has a likely chance of getting accepted within your organization, buy the stock for the idea. The better the idea, more stocks you purchase. The total investment in a stock indicates the overall opinion about the idea.


InnovateUs in the Real World

Following are some of the success stories illustrating how our product is being used in the real world: