What are the Best Fabrics to Wear in Tropical Climates?


Places which have a tropical climate are generally hot and humid. And the best you can do in such a climate is to dress up comfortably. The type of fabric you wear is of course a major factor. Along with the selection of the best fabric to wear in tropical climate, you have to take care of the cut and fitting of the garments. Cool and light clothing would be more comfortable than tight and skin hugging clothing which could prove to be disastrous in tropical climate.


What fabrics are best suitable in tropical climates?

The best fabrics to wear in tropical climates would be clothes made from natural fibers such as linen, cotton, rayon and silk. Clothes made from natural fiber are comfortable, absorbent and cooler than synthetic materials such as polyester. Cotton fabrics come in a range of thickness and colors and can be washed easily.

Cotton can easily absorb the sweat one experiences in tropical climates and hence makes it the best fabric to wear in tropical climates. One may have to change clothes often in tropical climates. So cotton, linen and silk which are easily washed in machines and dried easily are the best bet.

Breathable fabrics which are lightweight in addition, are a must to ward of the heat of tropical climate. Cotton would be the  best fabric to wear in tropical climates as it is wonderfully lightweight, breathable, soft to the skin and easy to maintain. Cotton pants are available in a wide range of style, fitting and color. Moreover the price range is also suitable for every pocket making shopping for cotton fabrics an interesting experience.

Further, the best fabrics to wear in tropical climates would be light colored clothes as they would reflect rather than absorb excess heat and light. Natural fibers in beige white and pastel colors are often the best choice for fabrics.

The best fabric to wear in tropical climates would be to use tropic-weight cotton for loose cotton pants such as cargo style pants or summer drawstring pants. Due to the high humidity present in tropical climates, there is a lot of sweating which may cause skin rashes and irritation. Fabrics made from tropic-weight cotton allow the skin to be cool and dry. These fabrics are tough and can be washed even by boiling without any damage to the fabric.

Bush Poplin Cotton has been widely used in military uniforms and is considered to be the best fabric to wear in tropical climates. Besides being absorbent the tough weaves of poplin prevented any insect bites prevalent in tropical climates. Bush Poplin fabrics are tough, absorbent and show resistance to stains and wrinkles.

It would be a good option to buy best fabrics to wear in tropical climates in the places one is visiting or living. Elastic waist pants and drawstrings often use double gauze cotton which makes them loose, flowing and comfortable. Since the fabric is made up of an additional layer of cotton, the sheerness is reduced and the fabric is made denser to suit daily wear. Apart from clothing, a denser grade of double gauze is used in the manufacture of diapers, curtains, and other upholstery material.