What are the Common Dances from the 1970s?

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You may belong to the modern era but if you are interested to learn the common dances from the 1970s then you could read up on interesting information and buy a record giving detailed instructions of the various dance forms. Better still would be to sign up for a class teaching disco dancing, a popular dance from the 1970s.

Do you know to Disco?

The most common dances from the 1970s were undoubtedly the disco dance and the punk genre which gained immense popularity in the 1970s. There is a huge difference between these two genres of dance. The disco dance is characterized by a flashy dance floor, colored lighting, pulsating music, jazzy dance wear, and sexy dance moves.

The Disco, a common dance from the 1970s,  originated in clubs catering to American, gay, African, psychedelic and several communities in Philadelphia and New York city in the early 1970s. Popular disco performers of the era included The Bee Gees, Donna Summers, Chic, The Jacksons, KC and the Sunshine Band. Big disco numbers from Summers followed which include “MacArthur Park, Hot Stuff, She Works Hard for the Money”. She rightly came to be known as “The Queen of Disco”.The 1977 movie, Saturday Night Fever revived the disco with John Travolta’s amazing moves to the hit songs,”Staying Alive” and “Night Fever”.

The Punk style of dance, a common dance from the 1970s  is more aggressive and harsh. The early Punk brigade was the Clash which was a British band. Pogo and Mosh are popular forms of the Punk genre. Mosh is typically accompanied by aggressive movements like “body-slamming” and “head banging” with other dancers. At times dancers in metal and punk concerts used to end up getting hurt by a display of such aggressive dance moves.

Do you know some facts about Common Dances from the 1970s?

Pogo belongs to the common dances from the 1970s which became all the more popular by the song “Pogo Dancing” which was immortalized in 1976 by the Vibrators. The Pogo involves a lot of hand and leg movements, pushing and all the characteristic Punk movements. The basic move of this dance would be to jump up at the first music beat and then return to the initial position at the next beat.

Other popular and common dances from the 1970s included the Electric Boogaloo, Robot, Bus Stop, Hustle, the Bump and Locking. Hustle encompassed different versions such as the Latin Hustle and Street Hustle. The characteristic feature of the dances in the 1960s was that partners did not touch each other while dancing. But the Hustle dance form ushered in the era of “touch dancing” in the 1970s.The New York Hustle has lot of footwork and is slower than other versions of the Hustle.

Locking, Electric Boogaloo and the Robot were dance forms depicting slight variations of the particular theme. The Electric Boogaloo was a common dance from the 1970s that used smooth refined movements to suggest the movements of an electric current cruising in the wire while Locking and Robot were dance forms using snapping movements for the same theme. Line dances and partner dances were also popular in the 1970s especially in the clubs.

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