What are the different kinds of teaching methods?


Life is the best teacher. But what about the other teachings which you need to make a career, get educated, be learned and knowledgeable. For this, you need qualified teacher to teach. Different teaching methods are used to meet the purpose of making the students understand the subjects. Nowadays, technological gadgets like computer, cameras, CD’s are also used frequently to enhance the impact of understanding of a particular topic. Technically speaking, teaching is an information giving process which flows from teacher to the student. The different teaching methods are also called instructional methods.


What are the different teaching methods ?

  • Direct Teaching Method : This is the most common and widely accepted teaching method. This works wonders in case of children in school and kindergarten. The teacher directly interacts and makes the student understand the requirement. Direct teaching method makes analyzing the understanding level of the student easier. For this the teacher has to make advance preparation and find out the requirement of the students beforehand.

    • Disadvantages of Direct Teaching Method: This teaching method can restrict the teacher from trying more creative ways of instruction which can offer better results. The teacher needs to have good communication skills.
  • Cooperative Teaching Method

    This type of teaching creates more interest about the subject amongst the students. Since this method is research oriented, it inspires the students to be more passionate about the subject and increases their concentration and attention towards the topic. Sharing is one of the important aspects of this learning method. During interaction, the students understand the subject better. The teacher needs to teach the students the ways of learning in group.

    • Disadvantages of Cooperative Teaching Method: Depending upon the personality of a student, the results differ here. Intelligent students try to dominate the group while lazy ones do not develop properly.
  • Lecture Method

    This can be said to be the advanced direct learning method. Amongst the other different teaching methods, this one is mostly used for high level education. It’s most suitable for larger groups of students who can understand logical and direct teaching. It can be only effective when the introduction and the end are properly passed on to the students so that they can grasp the crux of the topic.

    • Disadvantages of Lecture Method: In this method, since the communication is from only one side, it is difficult to analyze the understanding of the students. The impact of teaching also depends upon the oratory skills of the teacher.


Some other different teaching methods include

  • Brainstorming,
  • Lecture with discussion,
  • Panel of experts,
  • Group Discussion, and
  • Case Study
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