What are the Different Types of Research Techniques?


Research is the scientific way of “getting to the root of it”. It is harnessed when one’s train of thought always questions the assumption. The best example till date is the discovery of Gravity when Sir Isaac Newton questioned the assumption that all free bodies inevitably fall back on Earth. In simple, yet precise way research is curiosity, harnessed. Every research has a reason to it, whether to find a solution to an existing problem or shedding light on an unknown domain of knowledge. Research is commonly used along with another word called ’Development’. Put together they become ‘Research and Development’ or the ‘R &D’. In fact, we at InnovateUs are in continuous phase of Research and thus help provide you with best relevant information.


What are different ways to Research?

All research needs a lot of dedication from the researcher’s part. The amount of dedication involved depends on what exactly is being researched. Before venturing out on a Research, one must realize the intended purpose of the Research and this purpose determines which approach or method of Research is best suited. Research is broadly categorized as,

  • Primary Research - Primary Research involves collecting of information that does not exist, yet. It involves gaining extensive knowledge that can be shared and put to proper use.
  • Secondary Research - On the other side is the Secondary Research where in, existing data is revised and a summary or a collation is presented.


What are the various Research methods?

As mentioned, the purpose of the research determines the approach or the method to conduct that Research.

  • Exploratory Research is involved with generating and developing new and better ideas to better serve humanity. This is done to improve the basic knowledge on the concept and walk in to the unknown realms of the subject.
  • Constructive Research is done by technical professionals to find a new solution to a particular or a specific persisting problem. For example, research on the capacity of Optical Fibers and sources or Renewable sources of energy.
  • Empirical Research associates real life with the data that surrounds us. Observation is the key to this type of research. In this, one observes and tests the pattern of some specific events with real life data to come to a conclusion. Bases on the results or the tests, researchers conclude and draw lines to predict these type of incidents with a certain level or degree of confidence.



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