What is Burlap?


Burlap fabric is one kind of fabric made from jute or from vegetable fibers. Burlap fabric was used to create the camouflage effect on the helmets of the soldiers. It  is porous and breathable and so it is used in various sacks and bags for shipping goods. Burlap fabric bags are used as replacement for paper or plastic for grocery packing.

Many consider  burlap fabric is environment friendly. This type of fabric bags usually carries food items because it prevents spoilage. Burlap fabric is also strong enough to bear being handled by several persons while transport  and is used as material for curtains. Burlap fabric is less expensive and a very durable material. So is  also used in making of carpets and rags. Water can easily be absorbed so it is preferable for gardeners.


In designing burlap can be used as wallpaper and as material for craft work. To wash burlap fabric without ruining it, it must be hung outside and washing with water would only make it shrink. When burlap fabric  is hung outside in sunlight it can bleach the stains away and the air may take the odor out. If the stains won't go away, it should be washed by hand with water and hung out to dry.


For storing the fabric, it is recommended to roll it up and put it in a tube in order to avoid creasing. Avoid storing the fabric in areas that are prone to insects, mold growth because it will harm the fabric and its quality. Storing burlap fabric in cool dry place is good one and keeps the fabric away from sunlight but in an area where there is ventilation and air circulation in order to avoid the growing of mold.  Burlap fabric is durable, useful, versatile and used for decorative purpose as well.

Uses of Burlap fabric

  • Burlap fabric is used in making potato, grain, onion or rice sacks.
  • This is used in packing of bales of wool and tree roots etc.
  • Burlap fabric can be used as decorative item for home projects.