What does a travel agent do?


As a tourist you may not know whom to contact for a hotel reservation, or tour travel be it rail, sea or air travel, or even arranging for a rental cab. You may be traveling to foreign shores and need some referrals and overseas support. It is in such cases that the services of a travel agent are of immense help. A travel agent may give you access to lucrative deals which you may not get on your own.

Why do you require a travel agent?

A travel agent is trained personnel offering services in travel booking and management to his clients and usually earns his profit by commissions made from his bookings. Travel agents have a wide network of contacts and can provide cheaper fares, great hotel deals, cab rentals and many other travel related bookings which can be very useful for the average tourist.

A travel agent may be an employee of a large travel agency or he may function independently. Further, he may be dealing in specialized areas such as vacation bookings, business travel, honeymoon travel or making exotic travel arrangements.

At the basic level a travel agent make bookings to any destinations the people wish travel to. It could be traveling by train, ship or flight, the agent can suggest you the most suitable option and suggest the most convenient routes. Apart from ticket bookings, the travel agent can take care of hotel bookings, pick-up/drop services, food preferences and so on.

While domestic travel may not be much of an issue, overseas travel is a different ball game altogether. A travel agent can make passport and visa arrangements for his clients besides offering useful information regarding any health regimen, language training, vaccinations and other such rules and useful tips which have to be taken care of before embarking on an overseas trip. A travel agent who speaks the language of your destination country can be highly useful as he can make easy contact with tour guides, hotel managers, and airport staff of that country, especially in non English speaking countries.

Does your travel agent do all this for you?

  • Make bookings for your vacation travel
  • Make bookings for business travel
  • Suggest payment plans for tourist vacations
  • Provide special and personal service
  • Wedding/ Honeymoon bookings
  • Arrange for group travel
  • Sell gift certificates
  • Plan special trips such as hunting, golfing, fishing, adventure sports
  • Arrange for spa treatments
  • Arrange family reunions.
  • Take care of gifting options for corporate picnics
  • Discounted hotel reservations
  • Resort bookings for companies
  • Car rentals and cab bookings


So whether you want to make a business trip to Europe or travel on a luxury cruise, you can make use of the services of a travel agent who can offer you myriad options tailored to your needs. But in recent times, with the computer and internet easily accessible to one and all, people have an easier access to a lot of travel related information and bookings. All the same an experienced travel agent can offer many services which can ensure smooth functioning of your travel itinerary.