What is Drug Therapy?


Drug therapy or Pharmacotherapy is  a treatment which is based on the use of chemical drugs. Drug therapy is based on the famous lock and key model. In drug therapy, drug interacts with receptors on the surface of cell structure or enzymes that are present within cells. It is assumed that these receptor and enzyme molecules are placed in a specific three-dimensional structure. In this structure the substances that only fit precisely will  get attached. In drug therapy disease causing germs are eliminated so that there is no longer any sign of illness and  it promotes normal cell functioning. Current drug therapy can produce long-term remission or outright cure, depending on the type and extent of illness.


What are the popular methods adopted for drug intake?

  • Oral Medications: In this form of medication the prescribed medicine is taken orally. The medicine can be bought at the drug stores in the form of pills, capsules or liquid solutions.
  • Intramuscular Medications : these are directly injected into the body muscles at the place of arms, thighs or buttocks. When a drug is injected by means of  a needle, a tiring pain or pinch is experienced that may last for few seconds. There are certain drugs that are injected onto the skin and the relief is provided rather quickly for the patients in some cases where oral prescription takes time to reach out to the intended part. Some drugs may also be injected into the tissue under the skin, rather than into the muscle depending upon the treatment.

Drugs that damage or destroy disease causing germs are at times harmful for the body cells and may cause certain side effects. These side effects can be identified by scientific means and measures are subsequently taken. It is because of this reason a lot of research work is carried out before the drug is released into the market. Side effects do not always occur and at times possible side effects can also be predicted and measure taken accordingly.


What the side effects of drug therapy?

Most side effects are  temporary  and subside once the body adjusts to the therapy or after the treatment  is completed. The cause of side effects may also be due to the result of taking a certain medication in combination with another drug or substance. It may also occur when herbal supplements, or with some types of food or beverages are taken in conjunction to this mode of therapy.


If the patient is treated with a new medicine or with the ceasing of treatment or at times of dosage adjustments it may cause an unwanted experience with severe bodily reactions.