What is red light therapy?


Red light therapy also called as light therapy, is used in healing the skin areas where the ailment is present. Red light therapy activates ATP or adenosine triphospate in muscle tissues and it will release more energy into the body. Using the LED light, red light therapy is also being used in homes by experts.

How does red light therapy work?

Red light therapy generates light on the area where the ailment lies. Headaches are generally worked upon by using red light therapy. In this case, light will project slowly on the frontside and the back of the forehead, the pain generally reduced by doing so and after some time it completely cured.

What are the uses of red light therapy?

There are array of uses for red light therapy. Some of them where in healing is done are given below:

  • Poor blood circulation: In here light is projected on the leg and by moving up and down the blood vessels gets relaxed and blood circulation is restored.
  • Work against stress: Red light therapy helps relax the mind and the body. It reduces wrinkles and lines on the body in a short interval.
  • Skin problems: Red light therapy flushes out the blocked pores and improves skin appearance. Facial red light therapy is used to deal with nerves in the mind.
  • Mild Depressions: Mini red light therapy decreases the mild depressions and it has the same effects that can be found in natural sunlight.

Duration of red light therapy treatment based on the stage of the ailment and therefore at times is not an instant solution. Moreover, treatment by red light therapy is not on a continuous scale. Mostly we have to have time limit like two to five minutes at regular intervals and repeated sessions too. In case of wound red light therapy is given for five minutes and the patients take a rest for some time and again the process continues until the wound is healed.


What are the side effects of red light therapy?

  • Red light therapy does have certain side-effects and most commonly noticed in the sleep disorder like restlessness, continuous headache's, nausea, etc. can also occur.
  • It is recommended that patients while taking red light therapy treatment they need to be very much cautious of certain drugs. Some of these drugs are methotrexate or chloroquine which can cause porphyria.
  • Light therapy is an also popularly known as mood altering treatment. This treatment at times may cause depressive state, anxiety and other side- effects.