What is Thermal Energy?


What is Thermal Energy?

Ever asked yourself why you felt "hot" after a short run or a jog?  Here is your answer. Thermal Energy is produced by any kind of heat. If an an object is said to have "Thermal Energy ", it means that the atoms and molecules within that object are under an increased velocity and are thus crashing and bumping into each other, in other words they are vibrating more than their counterparts in the cooler objects. This increase in the vibration of the molecules cause an increase in the temperature which in turn causes a small amount of heat to be generated.

Can Thermal Energy be transferred ?

Thermal Energy can be transferred from one form to another. Consider boiling water under a fire, where the heat is being exchanged from fire to water causing an increase in velocity of the molecules of water. Hence  thermal energy is said to be partially transmitted to water. The Laws of Thermo Dynamics  need to be understood if this form of energy is to be used. The Sun is a good example of  self sufficient source of energy. Geothermal resources such as geysers and volcanoes also contribute to Thermal Energy , if harnessed with care. Thermal Energy is  form of an alternative energy that may be used to power human activities once the fossil fuel resources are depleted.  Solar Power is one of the common forms of Thermal Energy.

What are the benefits of Thermal Energy? 

Thermal Energy can be categorized as Solar Energy and as Geo Thermal Energy.  Solar Energy is obtained from the sun and  Geo Thermal Energy, as its name suggests, is obtained from Earth and transformed into electricity. Thermal Energy is  a renewable and sustainable, and could help us in saving the  limited resources, such as fossil fuels.  Thermal Energy does not cause any emission of green house gases and thus does not cause any harm to the environment that we live in. It maybe used as an example for the next generation to develop a sense of how our environment is changing and how to counteract those changes so that we can have more environment friendly ways of using and producing energy.

What are the applications of Thermal Energy ?

Thermal Energy can be used and applied wherever there is a need of energy which means, practically everywhere. In engineering and technology specially in cases of civil construction works and building conservation, these forms of energy are used.  Heating systems, such as the geysers that are used to heat water, use the laws of thermodynamics to provide energy. Thermal Energy maybe also used to generate power.