When do we get a swollen ear lobe?


Ear is an essential part in our body. Hearing ability increases your work efficiency. We know how important it is to protect our ears.  Keeping ears clean and taking proper care to avoid ear infections are necessary. If you don't take proper care you may get ear infections like swollen ear lobe. There are many causes to get a swollen ear lobe. 


What  are the causes for swollen ear lobe? 

Ear injury: Most of the times swollen ear lobe is found in injured people. Ear injury leads to swelling. If the swelling is minor there is no no need to worry about it, the doctor can treat with medication. But in cases where it is a  major injury, surgery becomes mandatory.


Cauliflower ear : When the outer ear is exposed to repeated trauma, the cartilage and tissue surrounding it die resulting in Cauliflower ear. It also results in deformity of ears.  Getting a blow to the ear is another cause for cauliflower ear. 


Nickel allergy : The allergy that is caused by wearing metal  jewelry is called contact dermatitis or nickel allergy. Specially when the  weather is hot, there is  sweat. The  sweat when it comes in contact with metal forms salts. Salts  react with the skin and cause allergy. Many  people have nickel allergy. One tip is to put a coating of  clear nail polish on the back of the earring. This helps in preventing allergy. But otherwise the constant contact and allergy can result in getting the earlobe swollen, ultimately leading to infection.


Ear lumps : Boils in ear canal, warts, ear tumors and skin cancer causes ear lumps which results swollen ear lobe. Ear lumps are dangerous. V

enous insufficiency,  cellulitis infection, blunt trauma, allergic reaction, insect bite, medications, otitis externa, chronic otitis media, glue ear, barotrauma, cholesteatoma, meniere's disease are the other causes for a swollen ear lobe.  All of the above causes can lead to the swollen ear lobe infection. It may sometimes be due to high blood pressure, abnormal chemical production in the ear and other reasons.