When was the Hydrogen Bomb created?

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Image of a mushroom cloud due to Hydrogen Bomb

The Hydrogen bomb or H-bomb is a nuclear fusion weapon which is also broadly referred as thermonuclear weapons. This is one of the most powerful destructive weapons invented by Dr. Edward Teller in 1952. This project of working and creating a nuclear weapon was jointly performed by Teller and another scientist Stanislaw Ulam, whose creation – the Hydrogen bomb – was successfully made and detonated to produce an explosion almost 500 times more powerful than the traditional Atomic bomb.


By 1954, the United States had successfully detonated two H-bombs which produced a force close to 15 megatons which was doubly powerful. Further research on the hydrogen bomb was done to primarily reduce its size and make it possible to transport it through vehicles. The Soviet Union however had created a hydrogen bomb much earlier than 1952 but its design was not very efficient and hence could not result in the power that they intended to induce. Hence history lends credit to Teller and Ulam for their breakthrough working principle.


Working principle of Hydrogen Bomb

Contrary to atomic bombs which work on the principle of nuclear fission, thermonuclear weapons work on the principle of fusion. According to the Teller-Ulam design, the different parts of the weapon are grouped into stages in which each stage provides the heat and energy required to initiate the next process. A fission bomb is placed in a container having a fusion fuel within it, like deuterium or tritium.

  • In the first stage, the fission bomb is exploded using the traditional radiation implosion method thereby producing heat and energy.
  • This leads to the second stage in which this energy and heat is used to compress the fusion fuel. This causes a nuclear fusion process to occur in which light nuclei like deuterium / tritium are converted into enormous amounts of energy as compared to fission process. Generally this design is a two-stage design however, in order to produce more energy this design can be extended to a three-stage one by adding a third casing containing another fusion fuel.
  • The contents of the hydrogen bomb are placed in a reflective casing which is used to trap the energy produced by the fusion reaction temporarily. Deuterium is believed to be a cheaper and much more efficient fusion fuel as compared to other potential fuels like tritium (which is the most expensive).


The Hydrogen bomb is therefore more powerful in intensity as it uses the same process to produce energy as the Sun – the fusion process. 



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How did the u.s made the bomb

but why exactly was it created?

i think it was created so that they can protect the others nd need those thing for help.

It was an innovative weapon, that unleashed nuclear fusion for use as a weapon of mass destruction. Also, the radioactive fall out from the hydrogen bomb is lot less than that from a nuclear fission bomb. So the area that gets bombed with a hydrogen bomb can return to being hospitable lot sooner than that bombed by a fission bomb