Why do we get Bloodshot red eyes?


Bloodshot red eyes are generally nothing but red eyes which is harmless and usually not that serious. The main reason for causing red eyes is due to enlargement of blood vessels packed with blood. Insufficient oxygen in the body also may lead to red eyes. Red eyes treatment is mainly considered with the persons suffering for pains, irritation or improper vision of the eyes. The best home remedy for treating the red eyes are taking plenty of water apart from taking vitamin pills in particular Vitamin E and Vitamin D.  Brown bread, fish consumption and rice can also be looked at as they contain plenty of these Vitamins to effectively counter bloodshot red eyes.

Causes for bloodshot red eyes                                      

There are many causes for blood shot red eyes. They are:

  • One of the main and regular causes for red eyes is because of environmental problems. Environment such as pollution, dust, wind, dry air and sun exposure may lead to red eyes...
  • Red eyes are caused as a result of enlargement of blood vessels and congested with blood on the surface of the eye.
  • Lack of sleep may also result in red eyes.
  • Eye infections, itching, pain, poor vision etc may tend to lead to red eyes.
  • Wearing of contact lenses and its improper cleaning and long time wearing are the causative factors for red eyes.

Treatment for bloodshot red eyes

If bloodshot red eyes are caused due to eye strain, it is not necessary to mean the doctor or ophthalmologist. The rubbing of eyes is to be avoided as it can become contagious.

  • Mostly doctors prescribe usage of eye drops to get relief from red eyes, irritation etc. which can clear you of this ailment.
  • To avoid dry eyes artificial tears are also being sold in the medical shots and dry eyes problem can be effectively countered by usage of these tears.
  • Eyes can be kept cool by means of application of ice packs. Most of the times it gives relief from pain, irritation and eliminates the redness in the eyes.
  • Rinse eyes with warm and cold water which can also be a better option without harming the eyes.
  • Another adoptive solution may be to rinse eyes with eye washing solutions. Smoke can contribute to affect your eyes causing them to turn red due of excessive rubbing and irritation caused on account of smoky surroundings.
  • Having sufficient amount of sleep is good food to keep eyes healthy.