Are there any pencils used to draw on glass?

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Grease pencil or wax pencil can be used to write on glass. Actually the pencil was invented by Nicholas Jacques Conte in 1795. He grounded graphite and mixed it with many types of clays and pressed the mixture into sticks and finished them in a kiln. The word “Pencil” comes from the latin word “pencillus” which means “little tail”. Before pencil was invented people used to write with a quill pen where the tail of the quill is used for writing. Pencils made with more clay produced a harder pencil whereas a pencil made with more graphite produced softer pencil. A pencil is made up of wood and graphite. But later years over 350 flavors of pencils with 72 colored varieties have been introduced. One of them is a Grease pencil which allows you to mark on glass.

What is a grease pencil made from?

The grease pencil, a wax writing tool also called as wax pencil or china marker made of hardened colored wax is used to mark on glass. The wax used is non toxic and opaque. They mark well on glossy hard surfaces such as glassware and are resistant to water and liquids. The outer casing of this pencil is made of wood like any ordinary pencil and can be sharpened using sharpener. They are often used as a construction or handy man’s tool and favored by traditional artists.


How to use a grease pencil?

  • Sharpen the grease pencil with a sharpener.

  • Sharpen the grease pencils frequently as they become dull and the marks will be invisible. A sand paper can be used to soften the tip to a fine point.

  • They can be used as a measuring tool to make marks for cutting.

  • They can be used to draw on ceramic pots and glass.

  • It is very easy to wipe off the marks by using a dry paper or a towel.


What are the different forms of grease pencil?

  • Carpenter’s pencil or tough black lead pencil, which is used for marking rugged surfaces. It is available in three grades such as soft lead, medium lead and hard lead. This pencil is used for writing instructions on prints, Polaroid’s and transparencies.

  • A paper wrapped grease pencil with a tear string that is easily sharpened by pulling the string.

  • Grease pencils in a customized clutch pencil there is no necessity to peel off the paper and its lead glides softly and smoothly on to most surfaces.

  • Mechanical grease pencil, the wax lead exits from the end of the pencil with a twist of the cap. It is used for tracing routes and map background, bathroom wall. It is water resistant and can be wiped off just using your thumb. They don’t need sharpening.


Where else can a grease pencil be used?

A grease pencil is also used to write on a glass, porcelain, polished stone, plastic, ceramics, polished surfaces, glossy paper used for photographic printing, for marking edits on analog audio tape, label theatrical lighting gels and also on wet surfaces, beakers and containers used in experiments. They come in colors such as grey, white, blue, red and pink and are used in labs, classrooms and kitchens.

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