What is the Soy Yarn?

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Soy yarn

Soy yarn is yarn created with fibers obtained from soy. At present, there are many products that are made with soy. For instance, one can easily find soy milk, soy sauce, soy burgers and even soy ice-cream. Basically, Soy yarn is produced from the squander that is left after manufacturing tofu. Soy yarn is environmental friendly and magnificent to knit with. The manufacture of yarn uses a closed end method that will not leave any waste. The fabrics that are made with soy yarns are very silky and soft to wear. Many people are interested in buying fabrics that are made with soy yarns.


What is the history of Soy yarn?

The manufacture of soy yarn is not a modern technique. Back in the 1930s, a manufacturer named Henry Ford was the first one who made use of soybean by advertising a lot of agricultural and industrial purposes of soy bean. Henry Ford created seat covers from soy and was very proud in wearing a soy suit and promoting soy-based fuel. During World War II, there was an insufficiency of sheep's wool. Ford started to create his car's upholstery with a blend of sheep and soybean wool. Unfortunately, he never won a contract to provide the soldiers with soy fabric uniforms, as the wool was in-expensive to manufacture. Rayon and nylon were in demand, after the war. As a result, curiosity in soy declined eventually. In 1938, Ford researcher Robert Allen Boyer created the world's first plant protein fiber, which was made out of soy.


What are the properties and uses of Soy yarn?

  • Naturally, Soybean protein fiber is a light-yellow color, similar to tussah silk.
  •  Soy protein yarn is shiny like silk, and holds a higher breaking strength than wool and cotton.
  •  Similar to cotton, Soy has good moisture absorption, which makes it easy and comfy to wear in the summer.
  •  Since, Soy fiber absorbs chemical dyes very well; it is commercially available in a broad range of colors.
  •  The dyed yarn attributes both sunlight and perspiration fastness.
  •  Since it is processed at a high heat, it won’t shrink during wash.
  •  A soy yarn makes a great garment for travel, as it is dries quickly and also is anti-wrinkling.
  •  Since, Soy has a natural antibacterial resistance to coli bacillus, staph a., and candida albicans, it is preferred for kids clothing.
  •  It is also moth resistant.


What is the current interest in Soy yarn?

  •  At present, soy fiber is of great interest, due to the increased awareness in eco-friendly options.
  •  Soy yarn is a successful outcome of a research conducted absolutely from the waste product that is left while making tofu.
  •  Soy fiber is extruded and rolled from the recycled soy proteins, and is totally eco-friendly.
  •  The South West Trading Company (SWTC), in its brand ‘Soysilk yarn’, is the major contributor of soy fiber. SWTC is the major reason for the popularity of soy fiber.
  •  SWTC provides soy yarn in three different weights, such as, worsted, sport weight, and lace weight, for different kinds of knitting tasks.
  •  Some other famous yarn suppliers are Bernat, Sublime, and Kollage Yarns. All of them provide the yarn in a gorgeous range of colors.


How to produce Soy yarn?

The creation or production of soy yarns involves the following steps:

  •  For the desired amount of soy yarn, sufficient wet-spinning machines and production space is arranged.
  •  A consistent source for ‘okara’, the waste product that is left while making tofu, soy milk and soybean oil out of soybeans is found.
  •  With the help of bioengineered polymers, the liquid proteins from the okara are removed.
  •  In order to produce liquid soy, a wet-spinning is used to compel the liquid proteins through a ‘spinneret’, a machine that resembles a shower head.
  •  Then, the liquid soy is dried to make soybean fiber.
  •  The threads of soybean fiber can be spun or worked out together with an industrial spinning wheel to create a ribbon-like yarn with a glossy and smooth texture.
  •  They also can be spun with some other fibers in order to get dissimilar textures.
  •  The soy yarn is dyed either before or after spinning.
  •  The soy fabric is knitted on industrial looms.


What is Soya cotton?

Soya cotton is the most beautiful mix of soy and cotton that creates a distinctive, natural yarn with a luxurious drape and an amazing softness touching the skin. Since, only the premium quality fibers are used, this natural blend produces marvelously defined stitch detail and an exceptionally silky fabric. Magnificent Soya cotton creates a splendidly exotic feel with spicy, rich shades and distinct chilly and watery colors. 

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