Who owns your popular organic food brands?

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As people have realized the merits of eating right and eating healthy, organic foods seem to have become very popular. Nowadays it is very common to see many organic brands across shelves when we go shopping for groceries. Organic products are grown and processed in a specified manner. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has stipulated a few rules on labeling organic foods. For Ex: the crops labeled ‘organic’ are usually supposed to be grown in safe soil, should not be genetically modified and should be grown in a separate environment away from other crops. The other requirements of organic crops stipulate farmers to refrain from using pesticides and harmful fertilizers. Similarly, organic livestock are supposed to be fed organic feed and should not be given any artificial growth hormones or drugs. Many of us who have switched to organic food products, buy some of our favorite organic foods that are not brand names but most of you will be surprised that these unknown organic brands might have started by smaller companies but have been bought out by the mega companies. Read on to know which of your favorite organic brands fall under this category.



What are some of the most popular organic brands?

Most of the organic brands that we buy and use are surprisingly owned by the same big companies that manufacture other non-organic food brands. These big companies usually buy out the smaller organic brands not only to primarily make huge profits but also to get a ‘greener’ image and to include healthy food in their portfolio. There are really very few independent organic food brands in the market that solely do this for the sake of health awareness. Organic foods range right from baby food to snacks or beverages too. Let’s now see some popular organic food brands and who owns them!


  • Popular organic brands: There are umpteen organic brands available at your nearest grocery ranging from baby food to beverages, snacks and veggies…! Some of the most popular and heard-of brands are
  • Earth’s Best,
  • Nature’s Path,
  • Amy’s Kitchen,
  • Applegate Farms,
  • Back to Nature,
  • Naked Juice etc.
  • In India, brands like Fabindia, Nature’s Basket, 24 Letter Mantra, Organic India, OrgaVita are most widely available and used.



Who are the real owners of these organic brands?

  • The baby food product Earth’s Best is owned by none other than Heinz, which also owns other popular organic brands such as Soy Dream, Rice Dream etc.
  • The chocolate brand Dagoba Chocolate is owned by Hersheys’.
  • The beverage Naked Juice is owned by Pepsi,
  • while Coca Cola owns brands like Odwalla and Honest Tea.
  • Cereal king Kellogs’ owns organic brands like Morningstar Farm, Kashi, Gardenburger and Bear Naked but the real twist lies in the fact that one cannot see the Kellog’s logo on a Bear Naked’s granola or the logo of General Mills on a ‘Cascadian Farm’ cereal pack.
  • There are some real surprises and exceptions like the popular organic brand Burt’s Bees is actually owned by Clorox which is essentially a Bleach manufacturing company.


Other popular organic food brands and their owners are:

  •  Gerber Organics – Owned by Nestle
  •  Health Valley – Owned by The Hain Celestial Group
  •  Bearitos - Owned by The Hain Celestial Group
  •  Boca Foods – Owned by Kraft
  •  Back to Nature – Owned by Kraft
  •  Casbah - Owned by The Hain Celestial Group
  •  Debole’s - Owned by The Hain Celestial Group
  •  Fantastic Foods – Owned by Fantastic World Foods
  •  Horizon – Owned by Dean Foods
  •  Imagine  - Owned by The Hain Celestial Group
  •  Garden of Eatin’ - Owned by The Hain Celestial Group
  •  Breadshop - Owned by The Hain Celestial Group
  •  Tofutown – Owned by White Wave Foods
  •  Silk – Owned by Dean Foods
  •  Walnut Acres - Owned by The Hain Celestial Group
  •  Tastybaby – Owned by Tasty foods
  •  Plum Organics – Owned by Nest Collectives
  •  Nile Spice - Owned by The Hain Celestial Group
  •  Odwalla – Owned by Coca-Cola
  •  Little Bear - Owned by The Hain Celestial Group
  •  Mountain Sun - Owned by The Hain Celestial Group
  •  Lightlife – Owned by ConAgra
  •  Muir Glen -  Owned by General Mills
  •  White Wave – Owned by Dean Foods
  •  Shariann’s – Owned by Walnut Acres
  •  Natural Touch – Owned by Kellogg
  •  Amy’s – Owned by Amy’s foods
  •  Arrowhead Mills - Owned by The Hain Celestial Group
  •  Alta Dena – Owned by Dean Foods
  •  The organic cow of Vermont – Owned by Dean Foods
  •  V8 Organic – Owned by Campbells’
  • White Wave foods falls under the same team as Dean Foods and Heinz has a considerable stake in the Hain Celestial Group.



How do you know if the organic food you bought is truly organic?

One of the best ways to know this, is the USDA seal organic . If the product has this seal, it means the product has 95-100% organic ingredients. 

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