12 Amazing Health Benefits of Triphala

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Consumption of triphala, a cleansing herbal blend of three dried and ground medicinal fruits Almalki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica) have been advocated in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine since time immemorial. It’s the power of these three botanicals that makes Triphala powder your awesome ally in the battle to keep sickness at bay.


Balances cholesterol levels: With this potent herbal concoction you can regulate your blood cholesterol thereby attaining optimal balance that blesses you with a long, healthy life.

Boosts immunity system: Triphala aids the immune system in fighting against infections and reduce your propensity to fall ill frequently.

Regularize bowel movements: If you suffer from acute constipation, it's safer to take triphala on a regular-term basis unlike harsher laxatives.

Keeps heart healthy: It is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that purifies blood and detoxifies it. If you consume Triphala powder regularly a protective shield will surround your heart gifting you with a priceless bounty of good health.

Improves eye health: Triphala arrests various kinds of vision disorders and prevents progressive myopia, glaucoma and formation of cataract. See the world with new eyes by introducing the goodness of Triphala to your life.

Helps with better digestion: Regular intake aids in digestion of food and cures loss of appetite. Triphala powder reinvigorates your digestive system by improving your bowel movements rewarding you with a light feeling that staysstrong throughout the day.

Improves urinary and reproduction system: Those suffering from enlarged prostrate and urinary tract infection can gain immensely from Triphala. It helps in overcoming these problems and augments the health of reproductive system immensely.

Aids physiological functions: Triphala increases the basal metabolic rate of the body and helps in checking your food consumption by sending signals when you are already filled. You can kick your binge eating habit now and manage your weight much better. As it helps in converting food to energy, accumulation of fat is lessened considerably and the health of your pancreas is soon revived.

Wonder medicine for diabetics: Diabetes, a silent killer, can be controlled by daily consumption of Triphala that stimulates the secretion of insulin. It also halts hyperglycemia.

Fights cancer: Anti-carcinogenic and anti oxidant properties of Triphala facilitates in releasing free radicals in the body. This helps in fighting ailments as deadly as cancer.

Regulates endocrine system: By maintaining the homeostasis of your system, Triphala makes you younger, virile and energetic irrespective of your age.

Prevents respiratory ailments: You can keep pulmonary infections like Asthma under check with this potent Ayurvedic blend and enjoy healthy, long life. 


How to take Triphala properly?

Soak 1-2 teaspoons of triphala powder in one glass (200 ml) of lukewarm water, mix it well and drink this solution. You can also take 1 – 2 triphala tablets/ capsules once or twice a day, usually before meal.


Who should avoid Triphala?

Both pregnant and breastfeeding women must avoid Triphala. Higher dosage can trigger loose stools. If you experiencing diarrhea, avoid taking triphala powder. In case, you have a serious ailment or taking pharmaceuticals, consult your practitioner before starting triphala regime.


Triphala is more than a mere ayurvedic herbal mixture. It is a 5000 year old traditional medical wisdom that keeps you going healthy and strong. Its energizing, bacterial killing, antioxidant, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, digestive and immune boosting properties offer protection in a natural way without major side effects.