14 Alkaline Vegetables to Stop Acid Reflux

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Are you frequently experiencing acid reflux? PH imbalance can be one of the many reasons. Ideally, our pH should remain slightly alkaline ranging from 7.30 to 7.45. Blame it on bad diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress and poor sleeping habits that force the body to lose ground and become more acidic. Sooner, you start experiencing bouts of headache, colds, bronchitis, asthma, skin infections, stiffness and swelling in the joints leading to rheumatoid and osteoarthritis accompanied with physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. many more diseases and disorders are associated with an over acidic system – decrease in sexual libido, migraines, infertility, cancer, miscarriage, cataracts, gout, constipation, morning sickness, stroke, allergies, diabetes, obesity, etc. Instead of popping anti-acid pills, adopt a diet plan that incorporates a high level of alkaline foods. Here’s a simple guide.

Beetroot: This super food can help you fight cancer and keep you fighting fit by raising the PH level of your blood. You can make beetroot dishes as sizzling as you want for they are the perfect recipes for salads, risottos or creamy cold soup. The phytonutrient Betalain endows it with ant-cancer properties so as you enjoy your Beetroot salad topping you’ll be actually adding great nutritional value in each helping. 

Broccoli: The king of veggies, broccoli can fight acidity and indigestion hands down. Eat Broccoli regularly thrice or four times a week and stay healthy without hassle.

Asparagus: Yet another food that tops the chart of alkalinity. It has great detoxifying properties and is considered to be a super nutrient that is rich in antioxidants. Being anti-fungal it cures different types of skin problems and can slow the aging process.

Brussels Sprouts: It’s a great green vegetable that breaks down acid forming organisms increasing the PH level of your body. Also, Brussels is rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins. It is a great side dish, best when consumed fresh.  

Cabbage: Don’t put poorly cooked cabbage on your agenda as you can find so many interesting recipes that are delicious. It’s a perfect low calorie diet that prevents host of diseases including several types of cancer. 

Carrot: Apart from being great for your eyes carrot enriches your system with fibers, minerals and vitamins aplenty. It’s overall a very wholesome diet that can be eaten raw as well as cooked.

Cauliflower: If you are looking forward to add some vitamin C in your life pick up cauliflower, an all-time vegan favorite. Being rich in fiber, alkaline and vitamins it is a great diet that can contribute to your body’s all round need for nutrients. Eat as salad, steamed or raw with a pinch of salt and derive wholesome benefits abound for the rest of your life.   

Kale: Ingrained with Vitamins A and C, it is also a storehouse of essential minerals and fiber. High calcium content of this vegetable makes it a formidable enemy of bone decay. When consumed regularly it can safeguard you from cancer too.  

New Potatoes: It might pinch your pocket a bit being a tad costlier than regular potatoes however buying new potatoes is worth your salt. Collected prematurely these are way better in taste and supply your body with necessary alkaline compounds so that you never fall short of fighting acidity and indigestion.

Okra: A perfect family food loaded with alkaline and minerals, it tastes yummy provided you know how to cook Okra. Eat Okra regularly and stay protected from disease causing germs. You’ll never regret the okra adventure.

Radish: Renowned as a promoter of digestion, this vegetable is also your heart’s best friend. It cleanses your body from within regulates blood pressure and keeps blood glucose level under check. It supplies your system with the much needed alkalis and tastes out of the world when cooked properly. Do you still need more reasons to begin your rendezvous with radish?

Zucchini: Steamed zucchini is all time hit and can enhance your health naturally. Blood cholesterol can be regulated with zucchini and it heals diseases like prostate cancer if taken regularly. 

Peppers: Be it red, yellow or green pepper you could prepare mouth-watering dishes with onion, lemon and garlic that can inundate you with vitamin C and A. Pepper is just the thing to regulate your blood PH and make your system stay well alkaline.

Pumpkin: Put it to better use than Halloween hullabaloo and gain a truly wholesome life. Nothing is wasted here as you can even fry the seeds into delicious snack while loading yourself with the goodness of vitamin A and alkaline.