6 Foods That Can Prevent Heat Stroke

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Are you tired taking merciless blows from the relentless summer sun? Beware for heatstroke is a common phenomenon that could prove to be fatal unless you take good preventive care. As mercury rises, it is absolutely essential to fill the body with loads of fluid in order to keep the cooling process going. Food that’d help you fight the risk of sunstroke is abundant and you just have to know it to get it right.


Mango: A blessing of nature, raw mango energizes the body in summer letting you cool off the heat. You can make tasty pickle with mango or cook the pulpy portion with salt and pepper into a mouth watering dish.


Bottle Gourd: When your body temperature rises during summer it gets even more difficult for you to digest food. Bottle gourd is really light for digestion and you can prepare variety of desirable dishes easily. 


Tomato: Tangy tomato soup is a great treat when it’s hot and humid. You can eat raw pieces of tomato too seasoning it well with rock salt. A yummy, mouth watering way indeed to good health, tomato, is an excellent source of Vitamin C to keep you going strong. 


Watermelon: It mostly contains water enabling you to stay fit and helps in cooling down your system instantly. If you include the juicy melon as a part of your summer diet chance of getting sun stroke is nipped at the bud. You can eat the juicy pulp raw cutting it into small, manageable pieces or prepare plain juice. Chilled watermelon juice with ice floats is indeed a royal treat during summer. 


Bananas: This is one smart summer fruit that you can munch and munch and munch. Rich in Potassium content, banana cools your body from within making you stay healthy throughout the year. Make a Banana shake or smoothie and chill it in your refrigerator.Have a sip and lo! summers aren’t that bad at all.


Sugarcane: Chilled sugarcane juice is more than just a healthy drink and is rather essential to stay well hydrated. It aids in digestion and in fact helps in reviving patients who have been suffering from jaundice. Sugarcane being loaded with glucose fills you up with energy in no time and works wonder when you feel run down by rays. 


Do remember to carry a bottle of water whenever you have to go out in the sun. Drink lots of water intermittently so that you never run the risk of getting dehydrated. Always carry an umbrella to protect yourself from the harsh glare. If you follow these simple tips besides eating right, you are sure to stay healthy and carefree during summer.