What are the different types of Canapés?

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Canapés are finger foods, often eaten in a single bite. Canapés are often referred as tidbits. Across the world, Canapés are treated as hors d'oeuvres(appetizers) or entrée to the main course. Typically Canapés are served along with an Aperitif. Many hosts prefer to serve wide assortment of Canapés with different flavors. In exhibitions, music performances or art shows, Canapés are served as  standalone food items. Canapé is a French word derived from a Greek word konopeion meaning "a couch enveloped with mosquito curtains". Canapés have a stale, thin white bread or cracker base like a couch covered or draped with small savory items. Nowadays, Canapés are garnished with a variety of delicacies such as cheese, herbs, sausages, minced chicken, fruit purees, fish, seafood, olives, foie gras, miniature quiches, caviar, potato wedges, or risotto balls. Canapés are served in different geometric shapes such as rectangles, squares, triangles, rings, stars or strips. Bread pieces are deep fried, sautéed, grilled, or toasted prior to decoration. Canapés are served on a large tray and eaten from small Canapé dishes. Butter, sour cream, and flavored cheese are the most preferred spread options for Canapés. In large restaurants, Canapés are offered complimentary. In culinary arts, decorative Canapés showcase the artistry and craftsmanship of the chef. Vol-au-ventis is one of the most popular Canapés served mostly in European countries.


What is the History behind Canapés? 

Canapés are French in origin. In the beginning of the 18th century, the French started the tradition of serving Canapés along with the welcoming drink. Later, the English initiated the tradition of serving amuse-bouche (mouth amuser or palate pleaser) to their guests. Canapé is the modern adaptation of the classic amuse-bouche.


What are the Different types of Canapés?

Canapés are usually made salty or spicy in flavor and served either hot or cold. Various kinds of Canapés are prepared based on certain factors such as occasion theme, age category of the invitees, season, aperitif variety and main course menu. Ancholivade Canapés (anchovy based) , Tapenade Canapés (olive based), Mousse de saumon Canapés (salmon mousse), Crabe au citron Canapés (crab with lemon) and Brandade de morue Canapés (cod cream) are some of our most popular items.


What are the Different ways Canapés are served? 

  • Mediterranean Canapés are served with pickled cauliflower pieces, cherry tomatoes, carrots sticks or cucumber slices.
  • Traditionally Fromage Blanc Sauce is served as a dip.
  • Many prefer to serve thinly sliced dry sausages.
  • Swiss or cheddar cheese cubes are served as whole or in molten form.
  • Some hosts like to  experiment with different types of butter spread such as anchovy, garlic, smoked salmon, mustard or gorgonzola.
  • Pickled or pimento stuffed olives are often served as accompaniments.
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