What is Matzo Meal made from?

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Matzo Meal is made by grinding matzah bread. It is an integral part of traditional Jewish cuisine. Matzo Meal has many culinary uses. It is easily available in large superstores or specialty stores selling Jewish foods. Matzo Meal is also called matzah meal or matzoh meal. It has a plain flavor and can be easily made at home. It is exclusively used for making Matzo Ball Soup often called "Jewish penicillin". This soup is traditionally served at the Passover seder. Many confectioners use Matzo Meal to bake sponge cakes.


What is the History behind Matzo Meal? 

According to Jewish food law, during the Passover Seder, consumption of chametz i.e bread and foodstuffs made with leavened grain is strictly forbidden. In this time, foodstuffs made from Matzo Meal are consumed by orthodox Jews. Matzo Meal is often known as Formatzo Meal meaning "purely Jewish food".


How is  Matzo Meal made?

Matzo Bread is the key ingredient for Matzo Meal. It is made by mixing flour (barley, rye, maize, oats, or spelt) and water. Later the hard dough is rolled, cut into square shapes and baked at high temperature. Depending upon the baking duration, Matzo Bread can be either soft more like a tortilla, or can turn into a hard cracker. The cracker variety of Matzo Bread is used to make Matzo Meal. Matzo crackers are finely crushed into a breadcrumb-like consistency. Many people use food processor for grinding. 


What are the Uses of Matzo Meal? 

  • Matzo Meal is  commonly used in baked recipes served during passover meal.
  • It acts as a food binding agent.
  • Matzo Meal is used as thickener in gravies, stews and soups.
  • Matzo balls or knaydelach are extremely popular. These dense balls are made from Matzo Meal, eggs and oil. Dumplings are later added into vegetable stock.
  • Ashkenazi Jew use Matzo Meal and eggs to prepare Matzah Brei, a popular pancake. Sephardi Jews use matzah as an alternative for lasagna pasta.
  • Matzo Meal soaked in water or stock is used in a popular pie recipe known as Mina. These pies are known as Scacchi in Italy.
  • Matzo Meal is often added to casseroles such as noodle kugel, and latkes for potato pancake recipes.


What are the Nutrients in Matzo Meal?

  • Per serving (33 grams) of Matzo Meal contains 27 gm or 9% RDA of carbohydrate, 1 gm of sugar and 120 calories.
  • Each serving provides 1 grams or 4% RDA of dietary fibers and 3 grams or 6% RDA of proteins. Matzo Meal aids in regular bowel movement and helps to lower blood triglyceride level.
  • Matzo Meal is low in sugar content. Therefore it can be safely consumed by people suffering from high blood sugar.
  • Prebiotic fibers present in Matzo Meal increases calcium absorption which helps to strengthen You do not have access to view this node and increases You do not have access to view this node density.
  • Matzo Meal lowers the risk of gastrointestinal cancer.
  • It enhances appetite and controls weight gain.


What are the Side-effects of Matzo Meal?

  • Excessive consumption can cause constipation, headache, bloating, nausea.
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