19 Effective Home Remedies For Prickly Heat Rash

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Prickly heat rash (also called “miliaria rubra”) accompanied with itching can make the summer months unbearable but relax for the cure is readily available in your home. 



Neem: A powerful antidote to prickly heat dating back to few thousand years finds wide application in Ayurveda. Neem leaf, nature’s own antiseptic, opens up the pores of your skin offering instant relief from skin problem. Sprinkle few Neem leaves in your bathing water thirty minutes before showering. You can also apply pasted leaves locally to the affected area reaping visible result.


Oatmeal: It finally finds a second place barring your breakfast table. Oatmeal bath helps in clearing the ducts of your skin from trapped sweat particles. Scrub well to give your skin a great treat. 


Camphor: A paste of neem oil and crushed camphor creates a cool and soothing sensation in the skin that lasts throughout the day. If you are a typical outdoor person, this will help you manage prickly heat most efficiently.


Lavender Oil: Add few drops of essential oil to lukewarm water and rinse your body well. The goodness of lavender essential oil will protect your skin from rash and irritation. 


Aloe Vera Gel: The much extolled Aloe Vera is an anti-inflammatory, hydrating factor that softens your skin preventing water loss. You can squeeze out the sap from freshly severed leaf and apply it externally. It acts as a natural antibiotic and works wonder in soothing heat rashes earned from an angry summer sun. 


Coriander & Sandalwood: Sandalwood powder mixed with grinded Coriander leaves is a foolproof method of reducing burning prickly heat rashes. Apply your paste profusely on the more sensitive areas like loin and face. Splash cold water to rinse off the coating and you are ready to enjoy a carefree outing. 


Chickpea Flour: Prepare a paste of chickpea flour with cold rose water and apply locally to your itchy spots. Cover the entire region well and let be for 20 minutes. Wash away the paste with cold water bidding adieu to rash and pain.


Papaya: Freshly-made papaya juice is a sure remedy to prickly heat and skin irritation of all kinds. Use ripe papaya to get quick result. Allow the paste to settle down for a while and rinse clean with cold water. 


Fuller’s Earth: This amazing mud with cold rose water makes an effective paste which cures heat rash and removes prickling sensation. Apply the paste directly to your skin before bath and wait for 1-2 hours. Wash it away with cold water and feel your skin getting rejuvenated almost immediately. 


Potato: You can feel the difference the moment you dab raw potato to the affected area. Itching sensation and irritation subsides very quickly with this simple home treatment. 


Cucumber: Apply cucumber pulp locally smearing well over the entire region and wait for about 45 minutes before washing off. 


Baking Soda: A cold paste of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda can give you instant relief from itch and sunburn. Stir up a solution of baking soda and simply apply with a swab. It cleanses your skin from inside opening up the sweat pores.


Henna Powder: It is deemed as an ancient beauty secret since eons. Using it could be a great way to reduce rash and skin irritation. Make a thick paste with cold water and you are ready to go. Leave it for 1/2 hour before rinsing off.  


Ice Cubes: Dab slowly with ice cubes on the rash infested area. You can also apply poultice with a soft cotton cloth using cold ice water to get strikingly good result. After 10 minutes of kneading you are bound to see the red weal disappearing from skin.  


Honey: An all-purpose elixir that benefits your skin any time of the year. Known for its antifungal, antiseptic and antibiotic properties, honey is a packed with medicinal value. Rub a small quantity of raw honey and cleanse your skin with water after 30 minutes. This’ll save you from prickly heat rash during summer, allowing your skin to breathe easily throughout the day. 


Indian Gooseberries: Juicy and delicious, Indian berries that forms a protective shield against disease forming germs is packed with essential nutrients. Mashed gooseberries become quite a delicacy when taken with a pinch of rock salt and ginger. Add a few drops of honey to the mix for that extra zing. It’ll help you get rid of skin irritation and itch that results from excessive sweating. 


Ginger: Grated ginger roots when boiled in clean water could be your trusted aid in battling prickly heat pain. Once your potion is ready allow some time to cool and apply the solution to your skin with a sponge. 


Lime Juice: A drink a day can eradicate prickly heat problems in less than a fortnight. Lime juice is a source of vitamin c, citric acid and antioxidants. It not only remove itch and pain but lightens up dark spots and can also reduce pimples. 


Watermelon: Fresh watermelon juice is quite a treat in summer. You can also apply locally the pulp by mashing it well for quick relief from sunburn and prickly heat rashes. 


Besides choosing the right food, make cotton apparels your best friend during summer saying no to tight fitting synthetic fabrics. Do not miss out on taking regular showers and drink plenty of water to stay fit in the heat.