4 Nontoxic Homemade Drain Cleaner Recipes

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Clogged sinks indicate blocked drains. Commercial drain cleansers are laced with carcinogenic or hormone disrupting ingredients. Studies have found that these un-clogging products are acutely corrosive and release extremely toxic fumes that are highly irritating to eyes, skin, throat, nose and lungs. Also, store-bought drain cleaners corrode pipes, fixtures and septic systems. Once, leeched into ground water, they can contaminate and pose a serious threat to fish and aquatic biodiversity. Switch to safe, green, natural eco-friendly drain cleaning formulas that that can help save us money and protect the environment. Read this article to make 4 nontoxic drain cleaners easily with ingredients already sitting in your kitchen cabinets.


Washing Soda Drain Cleaner: This recipe makes one of the most frugal and versatile non-toxic drain cleaner. It’s excellent at cutting grease. 

  1. Let scalding hot water run thru the pipes.
  2. Now, pour 1 cup washing soda in the drain followed by ½ cup white vinegar.
  3. You’ll immediately start hearing a hissing sound. This is because of the reaction between the vinegar and baking soda that releases CO2 bubbles and water. Quickly, cover the sink mesh to prevent CO2 bubbles escaping outside the pipe.
  4. Leave the sink undisturbed for atleast 30 mins.
  5. CO2 bubbles help scrubbing off all tough dirty food particles, grease, and hair sticking to the inside of pipes, vinegar would also disinfect and kill germs.
  6. After 30 mins, remove the cover
  7. Flush the sink with hot water for about 10 mins.
  8. Repeat this procedure atleast once a month and you’ll never need abrasive toxic cleaners again.

Word-of-caution: If you have PVC pipes, don’t overuse washing soda. It’s caustic property will slowly damage the plastic.

Baking Soda Drain Cleaner: Do you lately smell a foul odor coming from the bathroom / kitchen sinks? It’s time to freshen up the drains with the lime power.

  1. Mix 1/2 cup baking soda with 1/4 cup coarse salt; pour the mix down drain.
  2. Follow by pouring 1 cup of vinegar.
  3. Watch out for fizzing foams and bubbles
  4. Let it sit for 15 minutes
  5. Then, pour hot boiling water down the drain to rinse out all glogging ingressfor 30-60 seconds.
  6. Repeat as many times until the drain is clear.


Salt, Borax, and Vinegar Drain Cleaner: Here’s a powerful formula that will sure make store bought drain cleaners, run for money.  

  1. Prepare it by mixing , ¼ C. any coarse salt granules, ¼ C. Borax, and ½ C. vinegar.
  2. Discharge the mixture in your kitchen sink followed by plenty of boiling hot water.
  3. Avoid to pour hot water directly into the drain to avoid damaging plastics or cracking porcelain.


Citrus-Infused Vinegar Drain Cleaner: Next time you eat a tangerine fruit do not throw away the peels. Let them sit in white vinegar for a week or two. Once they soften up, drizzle the liquid in the sink for a minute or so. Later run hot water down through the sink and it will flush out fats and oils that solidify in the drains. Once you see highly effective coming from our tried-and-tested drain cleaners , it’s our bet you would never use the store bought stuff again. Try out!