Guide to Buying the Right Flowers for the Occasion

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Flowers represent joy, flowers represent sorrow. This is one gift from Nature’s lap which can live up any occasion. Here's an exhaustive guide to choose the right flowers for the right occasion.

Weddings: Weddings in ancient time included flowers as a part of their wedding ensemble. Now, with the passage of time, flowers are only used as an accessory to hold in hand or to attach to a parasol. Depending on the wedding theme and the time of the year, the flowers are chosen with precision. Wedding during spring time include peonies or tulips where those during autumn include sunflowers and dahlias.

Wedding Anniversaries: When it comes to wedding anniversaries, the year symbolizes the flower. Five years calls for daisies whereas ten and twenty five years calls for daffodils and irises respectively.

Funerals: This sad event call for solemnity. Hence flowers with subdued hues such as carnation, chrysanthemums or white roses should be on top priority.

Birthdays: It call for happiness. Hence, any flower which symbolizes celebration and joy can be picked up from the flower shop. Also, its wise to keep the recipient’s choice in concern. Every month is represented by a particular variety of flower. Most people prefer to gift a bouquet of that flower which represents the month. For instance, January is associated with the Carnation, February with the gorgeous Violet. March is spring time and is represented by the vivacious Daffodil. April is the month of gifting Daisy whereas May is perfect for the Lilies. For a June born, roses are the best whereas July makes space for the smiling Water Lily. August is the time for cute Poppies and the month of September for scintillating Morning Glory. Where October steps in to present the brilliant Calendula, November is the time of the year where the adorable Chrysanthemums are the perfect choice. Last but not the least, with winter chill comes the time to close the year and present those blessed to be born at the closure of the year with December special Narcissus.

Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day has always been celebrated with lovely flowers. This day of proclaiming love and desire is celebrated with a bunch of peaceful elegant looking tulips, a bouquet of passionate red roses or the exotic looking charming orchids. No matter what, the flower should be such that must convey a message to the person being given to, the message of love and affection.

Mother’s Day: Mothers are the center point when it comes to sharing joy and receiving heartfelt affection. From the day a child is born, he/she is embraced by the delicate touch of mother’s protection. To celebrate Mother’s Day, a lovely bunch of flowers to dedicate your emotions and appreciations attached to your mommy dear can be the ideal way. So go ahead and chose flowers that signify innocence and purity. Suggestive examples can be gardenia with significance of purity, calla lily enumerating the magnificence that your mother has always been, gerbera daisies are the perfect choice when it comes to expressing cheerful love and sentiments attached to your mother and carnations available in varied colors are representations of fascination and endearment.

Father’s Day: Dad’s are best friend for girls and a hero for their sons. So take this opportunity to deliver your dad a token of warmth and admiration. Sunflower is the best choice as it symbolizes charm, enlightenment and masculine fervor (due to its yellow hues).

Easter: Since it is a ceremony invoking religious fervor, flowers are a must. Lilies are the best for this occasion. Peruvian lilies available in multiple charming colors symbolize devotion and piety. To match the meaning behind this noble day, Stargazer lilies can be a perfect choice due to their sweet scent and star shapes are sure to create a majestic presence on the area where they are placed. Hyacinths can also be a unique choice provided you choose the perfect color. Since it is Easter time, go for blue signifying constancy or white signifying loveliness. Daffodils are the ideal flowers as they come to mean chivalry and regard. With the message of rebirth hidden in its petals, going to Easter gathering with daffodils can be the perfect choice.

Christmas: Since it is that time of the year when all are in the mood for joy and merry, then poinsettias in white, pink or red are the most apt. This is one flower which one must carry to one’s friend’s place for celebration, mirth and good cheer.