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How To Cure 6 Common Ailments With Eucalyptus Oil?

How To Cure 6 Common Ailments With Eucalyptus Oil?

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Eucalyptus oil has always been effective in providing outstanding relaxation but did you know that it has medicinal values too? What was once popularized by aboriginal Australians and found wide application in Chinese medicine is a panacea for different common diseases in the modern times.

Coughs & Colds: Few drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water are remedy for common cold and nasal blockage. Place the boiling potion at a manageable level so that you don’t have to stoop down very low to inhale the vapor. Wrap a towel like a tent around your head breathing in and out vigorously with your nose inserted inside the vessel. Repeat the process twice a day and you can steer clear of sinusitis and nasal congestion within three days.

Headaches: Intense, throbbing headache is one of the most common symptoms of migraine attacks. Just before going to sleep, soothe your aching forehead with 2-3 drops of diluted eucalyptus essential oil massaged smoothly in a circular motion. The cooling sensation will immediately relax your frayed nerves and also aid to get a good night’s sleep. Alternately, you can also burn a few drops of this oil in a ceramic diffuser to infuse your home with a calming aroma. 

Stresses and Strains: Pour copious drops on your palm and massage your jaw, back of the neck, upper part of the spinal column, ear lobes  and bottom of the feet applying moderate pressure. The rattled nerves will calm down as you experience rejuvenation like never before. Pamper your senses with eucalyptus oil and enjoy pure bliss of home spa at a low cost.  

Dental Care: Most of the organic toothpastes and dental products are made from the essence of eucalyptus which fights cavities and oral infections, protecting your teeth from decay. Massage your gum regularly with a dab of eucalyptus oil on your index finger. Its antibacterial effect keeps your teeth healthy, reduces toothache and fights bad breath. 

Skin Infections: Dermatological problems are difficult to get rid of and conditions like itchiness, fungal infection and rash could be treated strikingly well with the aromatic oil. Mix a bit with olive oil and apply locally to get smooth glowing skin free from itches and ails of all kind. Fungal infection could be severe and painful if not treated early. Wash the affected area with tepid warm solution of eucalyptus twice a day for best results. Cover your skin with a clean piece of cloth soaked in oil before retiring for sleep. Very soon will you be relieved of fungal infection with your skin getting back the sheen. 

Aches and Pains: A blend of eucalyptus essential oil with a few drops of either rosemary, lavender and marjoram aromatic oils added to a hot bath is great for relieving numbness or tingling pain in an arm or leg temporarily, often associated with arthritis.

Everyday newer things are being discovered about the magical healing properties of this aromatic oil. No wonder why it is so popular among Homeopathy, Unani, Ayurveda and even the Tibetan system of medicine. Go ahead and embrace the ethos of eucalyptus in life. Always purchase diluted organic eucalyptus oil to prevent chemicals, pesticides and GMOs leeching into your precious bodies. Stay healthy, stay healed!