How to treat Bruised Toenails?

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Treat bruised toenail.

A bruised toenail occurs when the toenail is hurt internally. This is generally known as “subungal hematoma” which means blood under the nail. A bruised toenail is not a serious condition and can be treated. Mostly dancers, specially ballet dancers who spend a lot of time on their feet and wear narrow or pointe shoes can end up getting a bruised toenail if proper care is not taken. Taking simple precautions such as adding a little bit of padding and making sure to cut nails regularly and keeping then short can go a long way in preventing bruised toenails. Special toe pads and gel pads that are available these days in the market to give extra cushion and support to the toes. Investing in them is a good option specially if you are a dancer or a runner.



A bruised toenail usually has a dark blue or black coloration on the toenail and can be quite painful. The coloration is due to the collection of blood and fluid beneath the nail. The small blood vessels get bruised when the toenail gets pulled back due to the small size of the shoes which put pressure on the nail. The blood accumulates under the nail causing the swelling which results in pain and discoloration. If its not treated on time you could lose the toenail. If the toenail has completely turned black, this will outgrow and a new toenail with a less intense You do not have access to view this node will be visible in about 3-6 months. If the bruised toenail has turned black and there is fluid underneath the toenail, it can cause severe pain due to the pressure buildup by the fluid. In such cases making an appointment with your doctor and getting it treated by a medical professional is the best option.



What Causes Toenail Bruises?

One can hurt a toenail due to many reasons. If you have started a rigorous running or exercise program, the sudden increase in exercise can put pressure on the toes and cause them to bleed internally. Wearing smaller shoes can also increase the chances of bruising a toenail. As the smaller size shoe can push against the toenail chafing it. One can get bruised toenails while playing soccer because of the continuous kicking of the ball. Another reason is downhill running, in this case the bigger toe pushes against the shoe which can cause trauma to the nail. Long, untrimmed nails can also cause You do not have access to view this node as the nails touch the shoe seams and get hurt due to the constant rubbing against the inside tip of the shoe. Ballet dancers are also at a higher risk of developing bruised toenails because of the pointed feet stance in which they dance causing the toenails to get bruised. So taking a little extra care in giving the toes a little more room and padding will help.



How to treat Bruised Toenails?

Prevention is one of the best ways to avoid bruised toenails.

  •  Toenail You do not have access to view this node can be healed in the initial stages with prompt care. Cut the toenail as short as possible without hurting yourself. Soaking the toes in warm salt water is one way to ease the pain and following it up with a topical antibiotic ointment can prevent any infection from occurring.
  •  Wear toe pads to avoid chafing of the toe nails against the shoes. There are many kinds of cushioning pads that are available in the market to help the toe nails from getting bruised.
  • You can take some OTC drugs(over the counter)such as Ibuprofen or acetaminophen to get relief from the pain and swelling.
  • Wearing a shoe size bigger than your regular shoesize while running can help in avoiding bruised toenails as there is room for the toes to wiggle a little
  • If there is excessive swelling or pain, visiting a doctor is the best thing to do to stop the toenail from getting totally damaged



What are the natural remedies to treat Bruised Toenails?

To treat bruised toenails, the first thing to do is cut the toenails short and cover it with fullers earth. Fullers earth helps in reducing inflammation and cools the bruised area. Massaging the toenail with a little bit of Mustard oil also helps as mustard has the healing properties of absorbing excess inflammation due to its heat giving properties. One other popular Indian remedy is to apply turmeric paste on the bruised toenail. Turmeric has both antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties which will reduce the swelling and prevent infection.



How to prevent the Bruised Toenails?

To prevent bruised toenails:

  • Always buy the right size shoes. When running choosing a slightly bigger size can help in preventing toenail You do not have access to view this node
  • Cut and trim toenails regularly to keep them short
  • Wear the right size socks in your shoes to avoid bad odor and slipping of feet in the shoes which can also hurt the toenails
  • Even after taking all the above precautions you end up getting a black toenail that is not related with running or trauma you should make an appointment with a doctor. 



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