What are Anti Glare Glasses?

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Eye strain is a common problem  for those who sit in front of computers or television for long hours. The other problems are headaches, migraines, neck and back ache. Sitting in front of the desk for eight hours a day five days a week and staring at the screen in much less lighting conditions are the reasons for causing eyesight problems. Doing some basic eye muscle exercises and using anti glare glasses can help in preventing these side effects.


What are Anti Glare or Anti Reflective glasses?

These are glasses on which an anti glare or anti reflective coating is used to minimize the reflection of the light. Various layers of metal oxide are coated on the Len’s surface. Anti glare glasses minimizes lens reflection and facilitates 99% of light to enter  the eye for better vision. It reduces the glare caused by the light striking the back of the lenses. It increases the lifetime of an eyewear, providing permanence and resistance form dirt, heat, water and scratches. It reduces both internal and external reflections on the lenses. It improves night vision, gives better appearance and improves transparency. Anti glare glasses are also worn by people who work or play around the sea and river, and worn during outdoor games etc.



What are the problems caused by the computer use?

The major problems caused by the computer are Computer vision syndrome (CVS) symptoms include twitching of eyes, blurred vision, headaches or migraines and difficulty on focusing on objects in the distance, physical discomfort and short term problems relating to general health since there is less physical activity which can indirectly contribute to other conditions such as carpel tunnel syndrome and long term sight difficulties.



How  do Anti Glare glasses work?

Anti glare glasses are specially designed to reduce eye strain caused due to computer work. The coating on these glasses help in reducing the glare and lets more light in compared to the regular glasses which let only 91% of light through and the 9% of light is lost in reflection. Using these kind of glasses can help in improving focus, reducing problems caused by harsh office lighting and boost contrast. You can also eliminate the reflection of light from both the front and back of the lenses. It act as a barrier between the computer screen and the eyes. People wearing contact lens  can have an advantage if they wear these anti glare glasses as it improves the vision and the quality of lens. It minimizes eye fatigue. It reduces the halo effect caused during night driving.



What are the other ways to avoid eye strain?

Do eye exercises to improve vision and reduce eye strain. Blink your eyes more often to avoid discomfort. Change your eye focus every 20 minutes and avoid lockup (eyes stuck in one focal depth). Close the eyes for few minutes and gently massage them. Change your sitting posture and sit in a comfortable position. Take regular breaks away from the computer.



How are anti glare glasses cleaned?

You have to clean the glasses with an alcohol based solution using a micro fiber cloth. Spray the alcohol on the glasses from inside and outside, then wipe with the micro fiber cloth. This micro fiber cloth should be hand washed with mild detergent and dried after every usage.


What are the disadvantages of anti glare glasses?

  • They are more expensive compared to the usual glasses i.e., from $75 to $100.

  • They are prone to scratches though some of the models are available in anti scratch version as well.

  • Fingerprints and greasy films are easily visible on the anti glare glasses.

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