What are the Exercises for the Eyes?

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Every health conscious person performs some exercises daily to keep himself fit. But rarely do we feel the need to do exercises for the eyes. Rather very few of us are aware that exercises for the eyes are extremely beneficial for conditioning our eye muscles and keep them in pink of health. With the growing use of computers, eye fatigue and weakening of eyesight in early age is quite normal. Few exercises for the eyes daily can pep up the blood circulation in the surrounding area and increase their strength and glow. If you already wear contact lenses or spectacles, then these exercises for the eyes will help to control your number and can decrease it in some cases considerably.




How does blinking serves as exercise for the eyes?

Eye blinking is a very common and simple facial tic (repeated spasm). We never consider it as some form of exercise. The same if done in a systematic manner can serve as a very effective exercise for the eyes. This exercise is very beneficial for computer operators who blink less in general. Let’s learn this simple blinking eye exercise:

  • For two minutes blink continuously with a gap of 3 to 4 seconds.
  • Now relax and check how your eyes are feeling: relaxed or strained
  • Try not to blink for 30 seconds after every 2 minutes
  • At the end of this exercise your eyes feel relaxed and fresh. This is so because, during blinking the eyes lapse into darkness for short duration that helps in reducing the strain on eyes.




How is palming exercise for the eyes performed?

This is a very easy exercise for the eyes that relieves eye strain symptoms.

  • Breathe deeply for few seconds before starting the exercise.
  • Relax in a comfortable position, either by leaning your elbows on the table or on your knees and close your eyes.
  • Position your hand on your eyes in such a way that the cup of palms are placed covering your both the eyes and the fingers are placed against forehead. Hold the hand in a comfortable way so that your eyes do not feel pressure while blinking
  • It cuts off the bright light and relieves eye pressure.




What is the zooming eye exercise?

This is a quick exercises for the eyes to improve visual attention.

  • Sit in erected position comfortably, preferably on a chair with back support.
  • Now outstretch your both the arms and position your thumb in a hitch-like manner (thumbs up).
  • Focus your eyes on the thumb and slowly bring it near till the thumb is just 3 inches from your face.
  • Now slowly move your thumb away till the arms are fully outstretched.
  • While performing this exercise, keep the focus constantly on the thumb.
  • Try this exercise couple of times in a day during break. It helps to strengthen the eye muscles and also enhances your ability to focus.




What are some other eye exercises to improve vision?

Making figure of eight: It is a very good exercise that increases the flexibility of eye muscles.

  • For this, simply visualize that a huge figure of eight is kept in front of you at a distance of 9 to 10 feet.
  • Slowly start tracing the figure of 8 from the top going through all its turn and curves.
  • Repeat the same thing after few minutes.


Focusing near and far: This exercise for the eyes can be performed anytime, anywhere. 

  • Sit or stand in a comfortable position.
  • Bring your thumb in front of you, placed 10 inches from your face and focus on it
  • After couple of seconds, focus to some other object that is kept 10 to 20 feet away from you
  • This will strengthen the muscles in your eyes over time and improve your vision overall.
  • Keep on switching distances for focusing.


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