What is the drug Benzedrine used for?

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Benzedrine is the other name for Amphetamine . Amphetamine is a prescription medication used to treat disorders such as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a kind of psycho stimulant. Amphetamine is used is to rouse the central nervous system and aid a patient remain attentive. Benzedrine was once very popular in the West. Benzedrine boosts up energy, act as a stimulant and decreases appetite in individuals. Also, Benzedrine was very popular as a strongest pill in the market as a weight loss supplement. The trademark of Benzedrine is owned by Smith, Kline, and French, a pharmaceutical company which was then owned by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). However, GSK is not producing Benzedrine at present. Benzedrine is the only pill that has been sold by prescription, ever since 1959.


What is the History of Benzedrine?

The history of Benzedrine commenced in the late 1800s. During 1800s, chemists were attempting to prepare artificial amphetamines. Some time later, they realized that amphetamines could be used as stimulants. In 1928, Benzedrine was introduced to the market for widening the nasal and bronchial passages, to overcome breathing troubles. Later, consumers found out that Benzedrine could have some other interesting applications other than its intended use. So, they broke the inhalers to obtain at the drug inside and took it orally rather than through an inhaler. Users tend to swallow the paper strip that was coated with Benzedrine inside the container. During World War 2 and Vietnam War, Benzedrine was extensively used in the form of tablet or pill. Benzedrine was prescribed by doctors for patients who had trouble waking up in the morning, along with patients who suffered from narcolepsy, a permanent neurological disorder that affects sleep patterns. Benzedrine tablets were also transported for use by soldiers on the front. Benzedrine, along with many other stimulants, was widely used by soldiers from all of the countries involved in the war. It was particularly well-liked by pilots. Actually, Benzedrine was believed by people that the pill would keep them active. During late 1940s, Benzedrine mistreatment had gained popularity and Benzedrine pills started to face serious inspection. Initially, The Food and Drug Administration tried banning Benzedrine inhalers, and in 1959, it was declared that the drug would be sold by prescription only.


What does Benzedrine claim to do?

Benzedrine is marketed as a valuable choice that will assist people to amplify serotonin levels (hormone responsible for energy and mood) to raise mood and repress hunger similar to amphetamine appetite suppressants. Benzedrine claims itself as a first class supplement with stimulant action to a greater extent. Benzedrine also assures that it must be the excellent choice that will give the best possible results when compared to any other weight loss supplements available in the market. The ingredients in Benzedrine are believed to burn fat, suppress appetite, and promote rapid You do not have access to view this node.


What are the powerful ingredients present in Benzedrine?

  •  Yohimbine HCL is got from a medicinal herb Pausinystalia yohimbe, also known as yohimbe or yohimbe bark. This supplement fit in to the category of stimulant drugs, which has aphrodisiac qualities. An aphrodisiac is a substance that maximizes sexual desire. Yohimbine HCL when taken orally as a supplement results in considerable fat loss in sports people. Yohimbimne HCL is generally used in other supplements to treat sexual side effects due to various antidepressants, female hypo sexual disorder, amplifies blood pressure and treats orgasmic dysfunction in men.
  • Synephrine HCL is used in traditional Chinese medicine for different purposes such as decrease in appetite and fat loss. Due to this ingredient, the consumers experiences high energy.
  •  L-Tyrosine is a kind of amino acid which can be produced by the human body. L-Tyrosine can be artificially synthesized from an organic compound, phenylalanine and rich in foods high on protein, like soy products, poultry, cheese, bananas, dairy products and some seeds, including the sesame seeds. Since it belongs to the group of amino acid group that is being used by cells to fabricate proteins, this building block got its name from the Greek word “tyros”, meaning “cheese”, as it was discovered in the cheese protein “casein”. This amino acid different due to its exclusive phenol (organic compound) functionality.
  •  Caffeine is a refreshment drug used for psychological attentiveness and to speed up energy. It is also used to setback muscle tiredness or exhaustion as it goes deep into the muscle You do not have access to view this node.
  •  Methylsynephrine in essence stimulates the central nervous and due to this reason it is used in Benzedrine. This is an incredibly advantageous property in any weight loss compound as it facilitates for rapid fat burning without increasing anxiety. Methylsynephrine is also idiosyncratic due to its role in the metabolization and the absorption of fat.
  •  N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylamine is a very significant derivative used in fat loss. It also appears as Beta-Phenylethyylamine (PEA). It acts a stimulant to the central nervous system without side effects like anxiety that is mostly normal with stimulants.
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