Why are Split ends caused?

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Split ends are usually common with woman with long hair. The reason for split ends pops up when the cells of the cuticle carry away and the coils of keratin in the cortex space out. Split ends in the hair have two or three splits at the end. The protective cuticle is usually damaged and split away leaving the space for split ends in the hair. There is no miraculous cure for split ends. It is also a problem for men. The medical term for split ends is trichoptilosis. A Split end is more common with dry or brittle hair.


What are the Hair layers?

  • Outermost Layer (cuticle layer): Layered over one another to protect the inner layer, made of keratin.

  • Innermost Layer (medulla layer)

  • Cortex Layer


What Causes Split ends? 

Hair splits can be caused due to different reasons but the single major one is the hair's cuticle is worn out. The reason for this is using too many harsh chemicals such as sprays, harsh styling products, heating the hair with blow-dryers, curling irons, straighteners, hot styling tools, and coloring hair.  Over washing or excessive brushing, not using the right styling brushes and combs, Too much out in the sun can cause the hair to get overexposed to the UV and heat rays of the sun resulting in hair splits. Dry hair usually splits easily, which can be due to a poor diet and dry air combined with pollution. The best way to protect your hair is eat whole grains, leafy greens,  fish and nuts which have the essential oils and nutrients that will help your hair stay healthy and shiny.


How can  one  prevent split ends on hair?

  • Protect hair from breaking: If no proper care is taken for the hair then there is a possibility of damage. Massage shampoo on the scalp and the rest of the hair is cleaned. Use a wide-toothed comb which removes tangles easily. The way you sleep is also a reason for split-end hairs; it is recommendable to use a satin-pillowcase.

  • Protect hair’s natural moisture: Use a salon brand shampoo and conditioner that help prevent split ends. Wash the hair just once every two or three days. Do take regular deep conditioning treatments to retain the natural moisture and protect the hair from split ends.

  • Protect your hair from heat: Regular usage of blow drying and heat styling can cause hair dry, brittle and causes split ends. Hair straighteners, hot rollers, curling irons will prone to split ends in the hair. Apply a heat protection spray or serum to retain the moisture in the hair and to fight against the heat.

  • Protect your hair from chemicals: Usage of chemicals to the hair increases the chances of split ends. Chemicals usually dry or break down the hair cuticles. It is suggestible to take shower after a workout or swimming as they leave out salt which is hard on the hair.

  • Protect your hair from the sun: Heat from the sun and UV rays generally cause damage to the hair and skin. Do wear a hat and apply sunscreen conditioner on the strings of the hair with the hands thoroughly.

  • Dry the hair naturally and wear shoulder length hair in the cold season to keep away from rubbing on wool fabrics.

  • Use thermal protecting products.


How to Treat Split ends?

Once the hair cuticle has worn down there is pretty much nothing you can do to repair that part. It is advisable to cut the hair if you notice the split ends. Trimming regularly makes the hair healthy. Do cut the hair with sharp hair shears as dull scissors causes split ends in the hair. To overcome the split ends temporarily apply leave-in split end mender which can help some cases.


What are the home remedies for split ends?

  • Usage of olive oil and apply thoroughly on the scalp and leave it overnight. Take a shower the next morning.

  • Massage coconut milk on the entire hair and wash after 15min.

  • Pour a pint of beer into the hair and wash out with cold water.

  • Castor oil is another well known remedy in India for split hair ends

  • Keeping hair moisturized and not using the heat blower too much

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