Are banana bags used for IV?


No, its not a bag to carry bananas. Names are deceptive sometimes and a Banana bag falls into this category. Although there are different types of regular Banana bags which are used for various purposes like Banana bags with holes used for packaging bananas, banana shaped purses which are also called Banana bags and Muay Thai apparatus for boxing practice and kicking is also called as Banana bag. But here the Banana bag which we are concerned with is the one which is used in hospitals and clinics to supplement the body of a patient with essential nutrients.


What are the supplements used in Banana bag?

A Banana bag is an intravenous bag which consists of various essential nutrients. The 1 liter saline water in the bag comprises of 1 mg folic acid or Vitamin B9, 10 milliliter ampoule of multivitamin injection (MVI), and 100 mg of B1 which is also thiamine. Depending upon the requirement of the patient 3mg of magnesium sulfate can be added to the solution. The bag appears yellow like a ripened banana due to the presence of riboflavin in the MVI injection and hence is called Banana bag. Banana bag is used in clinics and hospitals for people who are deficient in certain nutrients or have become weak owing to long illness or disease.


What are the functions of supplements used in Banana bag?

The MVI injection of a Banana bag has all the necessary multivitamins which are required for normal functioning of body. Folic acid found naturally in leafy vegetables, nuts, grains, fruits is useful in the synthesis of DNA and RNA which promotes cell growth, makes reproductive system strong while increasing RBC count in your body. Thiamine present in yeast, meat and bran converts the carbohydrate into energy, breaks down protein and makes it easy for digestion. Thiamine also is known to help in the functioning of nerves and muscles. Magnesium sulfate though is used in very small amount is useful in several functions. It acts as an anticonvulsant, serves as an electrolyte supplement, relieves nerve pain and helps in delirium tremens, an alcohol withdrawal syndrome.


Why is Banana bag used for alcoholics?

Alcoholics are more prone to skip their diet and live mostly on alcohol. As a result they lack in important nutrients and suffer malnutrition. Alcohol also has a tendency to stop the body from absorbing nutrition from diets.  Banana bag is used for alcoholics to hel p them with nutrition. This bag also known as rally bag is mostly administered by the nurses in hospitals on the prescription of doctors and takes around 8 to 10 hours for infusion in the patient’s body.


Should Banana bag be used for normal people on diet?

Rumors covered the newspapers in 2008 stating that celebrities were using Banana bag to supplement their body with multivitamins as they ate meagerly to maintain their weight. Many common people other than the celebrities and socialites too tried to imitate the same, but although Banana bag is full of body essential supplements, these are mostly the components which a person looses due to injury or in weakness but are not sufficient for normal functioning of the body. Hence using Banana bag for such purposes is not a good idea.

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