Are Irish Twins, twins at all?

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Twins is a common term used when two babies are born from the same womb at the same time. But Irish Twins and the regular twins have only one thing in common. They are born from the same mother. The major difference between the two babies is that the real twin babies are conceived in one pregnancy whereas Irish twins are babies born with a difference of 9 to 10 months. In both the cases though since the difference is very less it certainly is trying period for the mother coping with the two infants.


Who are Irish Twins?

In clinical terms, Irish twins are the two babies who are born in one year of the birth of each other. Although this is not regular it is not as well a rare occurrence. A woman can get pregnant immediately after 35 to 40 days when her menstruation starts again. If proper precaution is not taken during the intercourse, she has every chances of conceiving. And if she does get pregnant the baby thus born takes birth within one year from her last delivery. These siblings are ‘Irish twins.’


What are the most important things you will need?

Raising Irish twins is a challenge in itself and a mother and her family as well has to be prepared for taking care of the two in proper way. Some of the very common things which mother of Irish twins will need:

  • Two cribs: Although the first baby is a bit older by the time his sibling is born, he is still not old enough to be moved to bed. So the best thing will be to arrange for two cribs so that both the babies have their own little space and can sleep comfortably as well as safely.
  • Two rear facing seats in car: By the time your second baby arrives your older baby is more likely to have grown enough to seat in normal seat and hence you can shift your newborn baby into it. The best way is to choose convertible car seat that can be arranged as a rear facing till the baby is small and can adjust afterwards into a forward facing seat.
  • Lots of diapers: These will be needed in lots of amount. And off course in 2 sizes! Buying in dozens could be a better idea. The best way to get the right size at the moment of urgency is keeping two different diaper bags on the two sides of the baby wardrobe. This way you would know exactly from which bag to pick up the diaper of right size.
  • Drinking bottles and nurses: These two types of bottles will be ideally needed in the amount of two each. At least in the initial days while the babies are still drinking from the bottles! And do change the nipples of bottles regularly. What’s more, if you are on tandem breast feeding then you should make your health top priority as well and drink lots nutritious fluids.


Why would you need a high chair or booster chair for raising Irish Twins?

Usually when the two siblings have a reasonable gap of around 2 to 3 years by the time the youngest one is ready for solid feeding, the older kid can sit well and come up to the table. But in case of Irish twins, at the time of starting solid feeding for the new baby, the older baby is still not capable of reaching up to the table. So the best thing to do is to arrange for two booster chairs or one high chair and one booster chair. This will help both of them to eat properly.


Should you use two different bottles and nipples for the twins?

Yes you should certainly use two different bottles as well as nipples for the two babies. Firstly the intake of older baby is more than that of the newborn and hence he will need bigger bottle. Most of the times, the older baby can even hold the bottle comfortably and drink on his own. But the newborn baby will need getting used to it and will need small bottle to start with. Also you will need to carefully see whether the hole in the nipple is too large for the newborn. In case the hole is too big for the newborn, it can choke his throat with rapid milk or fluid flow. Also the older babies start getting teeth after 7th month and chew the nipples leaving some marks and even bacteria on the nipples. This can infect the young baby. Boiling although removes most of the bacteria, its always advisable to boil the two bottles in different pots.


What is Pacifier holder?

You can get small and clear plastic containers in the market of different brands. These are the pacifier holders which work wonderfully well for holding baby foods. Buy two such pacifiers and write name or mark it for two babies by marker You do not have access to view this node so that they are not exchanged. You can buy two or three pacifier for each baby as they are fairly economical.


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