How can Depression be treated with natural Remedies?

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 Depression makes life totally dull. We feel dejected and uninterested in performing even routine activities. It can lower the energy and level of confidence. All over the world, around 30 million persons suffer from depression and frustration. That is why it is important to protect oneself from mental stress. Besides medications, there are other home based healing programs to help out with depression. You need to choose the right remedy to control the problem of stress and depression.



What are the causes of Depression?

There are several reasons as to why we get stressed. Mental depression can take place due to sudden mishap in the domestic and professional lives. Being injured mentally if you severely suffer from emotinal or economical loss or are hurt without any cause.  Mental depression  attacks whenever one is going through a crisis. According to psychologists and experts, disorders in neuron-transmitters accelerate the risks of mental stress which affects the body. Apart from the neurotransmitter related problems, there are other sources of acceleration of mental trauma such as mental exhaustion due to debacle in professional life, severe financial breakdown, sleeping disorder, mania to eat voraciously or severe anorexia . Brain is the first organ which gets affected due to depression.



What is Major Depression?

Depression is of many types. Ranging from less severe to the worst mental stress often gives pain to persons. The devastating blackout in personal life can worsen a person's private life leading to major depression. This type of fatal incidence makes life more stressful and totally distorted. People suffering from depression begin to think they are alone in the society with no support from anyone. Mental depression snowballs into claustrophobia and psychological disorder. Dysthymia is a type of major depression and makes you feel awkward, eager and depressed.  Patients need special care to resist its negative impact.



What are some of the Natural Remedies for Depression?

Natural remedies to wipe out the depression from life are varied. One can opt for medicated herbal ingredients to resist the influence of stress. St. John's wort is a sought after natural remedy. This herbal product is also popular amongst people as Hypericum perforatum. Though FDA in America has not given any approval to the sale of this medicated potion for the elimination of depression, it is widely used by people to get comfort and relaxation from major depression. However, the application of Hypericum perforatum is restricted to some extent as it should not be used with the medications that are used to treat HIV virus. SAMe is another high quality anti-depressant drug which can be applied to minimize the degree of mental stress. Same is made of synthetic chemical components and it can be soluble in the blood stream naturally. However, before consumption of this anti-depressant medication,  discuss it with your doctors. Researchers consider saffron as one of the best natural remedy for the removal of depression and mental blackout. However, at the same time, you will have to be alert while taking anti-depressant drugs because of the possible side effects of these medications.



What are some home remedies for Depression?

You can try curing depression at home through these age old remedies:

  • Rose is not only soothing to the eyes it also has calming effect on your nerves. A mixture made by boiling 25 to 30 rose petals in plain water when taken regularly for 2 to 3 times a day can help in resting the strained nerves.
  • Powder of asparagus (Shatavari) root when taken with water daily helps in reducing depression symptoms
  • Make a concoction of lemon herbs by putting  25 to 30 gms of lemon herb in cold water and letting it rest for 12 to 14 hours. Drink this mixture daily to soothe your nerves.
  • Regular intake of nutrient rich food also help reduce depression as they contain minerals and vitamins in ample amount that keeps nerves steady.



What precautions should be taken while treating Depression?

Preventive measures to check the severe depression includes the right selection of antidepressant drugs, and effective consultancy with doctors to get at hand backup. Be optimistic and confident to steer your own life properly and try to avoid depressing thoughts as much as possible. Regularly moving in social circles and discussing problems with friends help one get over depression very quickly.

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