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How can one treat a Bruised Ankle?

How can one treat a Bruised Ankle?

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Accidents unfortunately are  a part of our daily life. They are the leading cause behind injuries, fractures, You do not have access to view this node and wounds. Athletes, dancers, individuals involved in strenuous physical chores, and children are more susceptible to accidents. The most commonly affected areas are the elbow, shoulder, hand, knee, hand, and foot. Bruised ankle is a common occurence in physically active people. It is easier to You do not have access to view this node an ankle or an elbow quite easily.



What is a Bruised Ankle?

An ankle is a joint that joins the leg to the foot. It is made of tendons, bones, muscles, and ligaments. The ankle bones remain stable due to the support of ligaments. The bones remain attached to muscles with the help of tendons (a type of joining tissues). If any of these parts are injured, it is medically termed as “bruised ankle”. Due to excessive stretching or straining of a muscle or tendon, bruised ankle occurs. This happens mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Bad Fall
  • Jumping
  • Jogging
  • Wearing ill fitting shoes
  • Sudden twist of the join while running or stepping on uneven surfaces



What are the causes of a Bruised Ankle?

Temporary damage to the ligaments surrounding any joint is one of the common reasons for bruised ankle. However, the degree of ligament damage can vary between mild to severe. Dislocation of ankle bones due to accident or bad fall can also lead to bruised ankle. Ligament tear is one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries in which the joints become unstable. Overuse or overstraining can lead to tendon inflammation and cause bruised ankle. Many of us experience bruised ankle after long-distance travels. It is due to poor blood circulation in the limbs. Thombophlebitis is a serious ailment in which blood clot deposits in the veins of the limbs and may cause bruised ankle. Certain chronic problems such as obesity, varicose veins, renal complications and cardio-vascular diseases are often linked to bruised ankle symptoms.



What are the treatments for a Bruised Ankle?

Usually health practitioners recommend complete rest for fast recovery. Relaxing bruised ankles help reduce the symptoms. Further stress can aggravate pain and worsen the condition. One must always place the affected ankle at an elevated position. This helps to reduce swelling. Regular application of ice packs on the damaged ankle, eases inflammation and pain. Wrap the ice in a cotton cloth and move it over the bruised ankle for 15 minutes. Asoft icepack gel can be used as well as it is easier to work with these  and they are not messy. Ice treatment must be repeated every alternate hour. In case of excessive You do not have access to view this node, doctor may prescribe painkillers and an ankle brace. Braces allow free movement of the joints. When the You do not have access to view this node and inflammation recedes, massage (on affected regions) accompanied by physiotherapy exercises helps in faster recovery.  For ligament tear, surgical intervention may be required. The patient is not allowed to relocate  until the ankle heals completely. Weight reduction helps reduce strain on ankles and naturally cures soreness.



What is the recovery time for a Bruised Ankle?

A bruised ankle will take 4 to 6 weeks to heal completely. In case of surgery, ligament sprains can take couple of months for recovery. Post recovery, individual must take good care before pursuing sporting activities. He or she must devote some time for strengthening exercises to improve ankle's strength and flexibility. Bruised ankle patients must avoid too much pressure on the affected area. They should always wear well fitting shoes while walking, jogging, playing or exercising. Their feet must get ample cushioning to prevent recurring injuries.

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