How do Ear Wax Candles help with cleaning the ear?

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Ear is one of the most delicate and detailed sensory organs. It helps us to hear sounds and voices. Our ears produce ear wax which blocks dust and dirt inside the ear drum thereby protecting our auditory system. Stress, fear, or anxiety can increase production of earwax from the ceruminous glands. In these situations we need external aids to remove excess wax. Ear wax candles are used to clean the external ear. 



What is Ear Wax? 

Our outer ear is funneled shape. It is located on the either side of the head. It is connected to ear canal. The ear canal resembles somewhat like an hourglass. This ear canal houses special glands known for producing earwax. The main function of ear wax or cerumen is to trap dirt & dust particles and prevent them from reaching the most sensitive part of the ear (eardrum). Besides, ear wax fight off infections that could affect the ear canal. Ear wax accumulates inside the canal, dries and then comes tumbling out of the ear along with dirt and dust. 



What are Ear Wax Candles?

Since ancient times, ear wax candles have been used to remove ear wax. Today, people who are more inclined towards natural hygiene practices use this method. These earwax candles are made up of 100% cotton and high quality natural beeswax. Only best quality beeswax is used for consistent burning during the earwax removing process. Butter muslin is used for its delicate weaving.  



How do Ear Wax Candles work?

Ear wax  candles can be easily bought from any drugstore. It is a hollow 10” to 15” inches cone made of pure bees wax. The tapering end of the cone goes into the ear. One has to light the open end of the ear wax candle. The candle starts burning slowly. The smoke passes down through the small end. The candle has to be removed after 10 minutes. You may witness considerable amount of earwax attached to burnt candle cone. 



What are the hazards of using Ear Wax Candles?

Ear wax candles are considered hazardous. They can cause serious burn injury. Ear wax candles can burn the inner membrane of the ear canal. This can lead to partial or total deafnes. Since 1996, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken strict regulatory actions to ban ear wax candles. The authorities have seized ear wax candles based upon violations of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. 

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