How to do Scrapbooking with Vellum?

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There are many zealous scrapbookers who are on the look out to make their scrapbooks more interesting and attractive. Vellum, a delicate paper is efficient in doing that. Using it a number of times gives impressive results. Since, it is less porous and more transparent there are certain techniques and ideas involved in using this paper. Vellum is quite popular among scrapbook makers especially because of it's remarkable results. It can be repeated without making the look of your work boring. The best part being that it can be altered depending upon your wishes and desires.

How to use vellum with adhesive?

Attaching vellum to the scrapbook might be a problem for many scrappers. You cannot attach vellum wet adhesive because it will curl. Special adhesive which are made specially for using vellum should be used, as they do not show up.  Attach vellum with brads and eyelets, so the adhesive will not shown and it gives the embellishment a little more depth and texture.Vellum can also be colored by special scrapbook pens.  Turn it over and draw on the back for a muted effect.The marker lines merge perfectly to give that smooth look.It can be used for quoting letters and creating outlined shapes. you can even use a pen which is specifically made for scrapbook decorations to fill in the letters and shapes. 


What are the different ways to Use Vellum?

Vellum can be torn easily. You can tear even very narrow edges from a piece of vellum. This will give it a whole new texture which will look great on scrapbooking layouts. While working with vellum one should be careful to not to tear their own quotations. Vellum also holds ink really well. You can ink the edges of cut or torn vellum to give it some dimension and definition to the edges. This works very well when you have to put the vellum on a lighter piece of patterned paper. It helps the vellum pop off of the page. You can put vellum on your tags. This is an easy way to prepare tags. Ink, ribbon, brads, buttons, or anything else can be used in your scrapbooking stash to further decorate the tags.


Does Vellum helps to Cut Up Quotes?

Yes, but sometimes you find the perfect quote for a particular layout but the shape or size of the vellum piece just doesn't fit, so use scissors to cut the quote line by line or even by the word to place on the exact location of your layout. You can even make a border around two edges of a scrapbook layout or you can use even a small sheet of vellum with a quote for a large title. The edges can be torn to make it appear good.At the end, you'll surely get to know that vellum is a great way to accent any scrapbook page you are working on. Vellum is really fragile and hence has to be used carefully. Some extra time might be taken in doing this, but the outcome can be quite good.

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