How does a Palatal Expander help?

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Rapid palatal expander is a type of orthodontic device. It remains attached to the upper molars with the help of cemented bands. Palatal Expander is especially used when the upper jaw of an individual is very narrow compared to the lower jaw or when the upper teeth gets crowded or blocked owing to dental arch. Palatal Expander creates more space in the upper jaw. 


How does the Palatal Expander works?

During an individuals’ growth phase, connective tissues located on the left and right side of the upper jaws has a tendency to expand. The palatal expander consists of a special key that helps to fit the screw at the center of the jaw. The palatal expander puts pressure on both sides of the jaws. This external pressure promotes extra growth of the You do not have access to view this node between the two jaws. 


What is the effect of Palatal Expander?

You may also feel pressure on teeth, nose, cheeks followed by mild headache. You will have to get used to the large open space between upper front teeth. Palatal expander is used with the intention of creating space between two halves which is accomplished steadily. However, you may feel disheartened with this phenomenon. After a certain period, the space between the two jaws become so wide that one more teeth can easily fit in the gap. During all this time you have to continuously screw the expander so that the gap keeps on widening. Once the screwing process is stopped, the space decreases so much that overlapping of teeth can happen. Once the braces are placed such problems gets automatically corrected.


What are the different types of Palatal Expander?

There are two types: Permanent and Removable Palatal Expander. Depending upon the requirement of the patient, the dentist suggests either types of palatal expander.


What is Permanent Palatal Expander?

As the name suggests, this palatal expander is fixed permanently and cannot be removed easily. Only an orthodontist can remove it without causing any harm. These are bonded, cemented or surgically attached to the upper jaw roof.


What is Removable Palatal Expander?

Removable palatal expander is used in most cases. It can easily removed by the wearer. The working principle is identical in both expanders, however, removable device takes more time to show result. 


What are the side-effects of Palatal Expander?

When the upper jaw gets widened, cheek bones attached to it undergo certain changes. This brings a drastic change in the facial expression or appearance of the wearer. The width of the gap depends upon the thickness of the wearer’s facial skin and fat content. It also depends on the screw ratio of the palatal expander. Even the appearance of nose may vary. The gap between the two bridges of nose can get enlarged. However, it makes breathing easier. Many patients face difficulty in eating due to the widened gap between their teeth. However, they get used to this phenomenon with time.

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