How to make a Patchwork?

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Patchwork is a wonderful art work that needs plenty of enthusiasm, imagination and a bag full of rags. There are many household items that can be made from patchwork. Patchwork is basically the imaginative use of different types of fabric and thread. There are no particular rules for colours or types of fabric you can use. You can use any color or any fabric you want to show your creativity. In fact you can make lots of beautiful things out of this patch work like cushions, placements, wall hangings, shopping bags, and even quilt can be made in this way. In this article we will see what and how we can make out of this patchwork easily?


What are the things you need?

  •  Bit clothes
  •  Sharp pair of cutting scissors
  •  A tape measure
  •  Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Quilting needles
  • Embroidery needles if you wish to introduce embroidery stitches on your item
  • A ruler
  • Water soluble fabric marker
  • Color threads


Steps to remember: 

  • First draw the design of your item that you want to make on paper before you begin then sort all your materials into colour groups. This makes it easier once you start cutting the shapes for your patterns. Make sure the type of thread you use is good in quality.
  • Then gather your bit clothes to make your item secondly you can make patchwork arts either be sewn by hand or sewing machine. For that you will require a sewing machine to stitch your bit clothes together to make you item. This method is very easy to do actually or on the other hand if you do not know to sew then you can stitch the patchwork product together by hand.
  • Before you start your work you will need to decide on the colours you would like to use and also decide on a design that will help you to imagine the size you want. It is wise to start with a small wall hanging or a cot quilt before you attempt to make a larger quilt. This will give you the opportunity to first learn the basics of patchwork. Just you have to cut the fabrics according to your pattern design then sew it together with sewing machine.

That is all! There is no limit or rules to what you can create with patchwork! If you are interested in making nice decorated items to your home by yourself. All you have to do is just put all your art talents to work when you make household items. You can apply any kind of designs on your patchwork. There is no limit to the possibilities.

The beauty of this patchwork art is that there will never be two items that will look the same. The same pattern will produce many different versions as each time you will probably use different textured fabrics in various colour schemes creating a whole new look.

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