How Oatmeal bath helps dry skin?


I think almost all of us would like to have a blemish free, radiating skin. Home remedies have been tried out since ancient times with almost all kitchen ingredients like cream, honey, turmeric, eggs, curd, fruit skin and peels. vegetable juices and packs along with kitchen garden herbs tried out as beautifying agents.  Oatmeal too is one such ingredient which has been used as skin tonic traditionally. Although, many people use Oatmeal bath especially for treating eczema, it is also used for other reasons.


What is an oatmeal bath?

An oatmeal bath is a very simple bath wherein oatmeal powder is mixed with lukewarm water and this water is used for bathing. So as to mix the oat powder evenly in the bath tub, hold the oatmeal powder in your hand and put it under the faucet. The running water will evenly spread the oatmeal in the bath water giving an even milky appearance. And thus, your oatmeal bath is ready!


How can oatmeal bath benefit your skin?

Oatmeal bath is the most useful remedy for sun burn. After a hot day in the sun if your skin is feeling the irritation of sun burn on your skin then its time to sooth it with a warm oatmeal bath. While you are enjoying the relaxing feel of this special bath the oatmeal will relieve your skin from the irritation of sun burn by taking out the heat from the upper layer of the skin. And while the skin is naturally recuperating on its own the oatmeal in the bath will lock the essential skin oils in the skin. Apart from irritation acute sunburns are known to cause skin loose their oils. By stopping the loss of essential oils, oatmeal bath helps the skin heal quickly and relaxes you immediately.    


And even if you do not have any skin problems, you should try the oatmeal bath once in a while to simply relax and unwind after a hard day. It can be an ideal way of relaxing during weekends when all the family members can have a soothing oatmeal bath which will also help maintain the level of essential oils in the epidermis making the skin supple and smooth. Since making this bath is very easy once you have the oatmeal powdered perfectly grounded you do not have to waste time in preparing the special bath. You can also make this oatmeal bath more aromatic by adding some scented therapeutic oils which can enhance the effect further and also will keep you smelling fragrant throughout the day. Do not use any soap during the bath. Just pat dry your skin and wear loose clothes for a while so as to give the skin time to repair quickly.


An oatmeal bath is also beneficial in chicken pox, dry skin, insect bites, diaper rash, anal itching due to pinworms, shingles, windburn, poison Ivy, Surmac and Oak.


How useful oatmeal bath is in eczema?

Eczema is stubborn disease which is very difficult to get rid off. From adults to even small kids any one can get affected by this skin disease. Eczema is not contagious but the condition can cause a lot of discomfort. The eczema looks like red rashes and are usually found in folds like arm pits, elbows, back of knees and cause severe irritation and itching . At times, the itching is so consistent that you can't stop yourself from scratching the skin which looks very ugly in the public. Mostly steroid creams are advised for topical application on eczema but they are not always useful and the response differs from person to person.

Oatmeal bath is known to work wonders in the treatment of eczema. After a good soak in oatmeal bath, the itching feeling wanes of slowly and the person starts feeling more comfortable. With regular oatmeal bath routine, the rashes too reduce and disappear. In the meantime, medication should be continued so that both works simultaneously to give faster results.

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