How to sew Curtians?

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Beautiful curtains are an instant way to completely change the look of the home. But getting curtains are quite expensive! Instead of searching the stores for the exact color or design you have in mind, you can save that money and get a complete custom look by making your own curtains. Sewing curtains is an inexpensive way to change the appearance of your home because it is easy to sew curtains than searching in the market for the exact curtains which is quite expensive. Collect the materials and use it, add unique details and save time with simple and beautiful designs. 


What are the materials to sew a curtain?

Materials that you need:

  •  Lightweight fabric to use for the curtains

  • A metal ruler or L square for accurate measurement

  • Tailor’s shears for cutting out(good quality scissors)

  • Pencil to mark

  • Artist tape

  • Sewing needle

  • Thread that matching your fabric.

How to measure the fabric for the curtains?

Before you go out a purchase your fabric, you should know how much fabric you need to make perfect curtains. So measure the width of your window or door and multiply this number by two and add five inches to the width to allow for hemming. This will be the width of your curtains. Making them twice as wide as the window or door will allow them to hang nicely.

To measure the height of your curtains, measure from the top of the window or door to where you would like the bottom of the curtains to fall. Add six inches to this height to allow for a hemming at the bottom.

How to sew the Curtains?

After the measurement, cut the fabric to the length and width determined earlier. First make the side hems, on each side fold over half inch of the edge and another 1 to half inch for the hem. Press the seam and stitch. To make the top of the curtains, fold over half inch of the edge then two to three inches, stitch half inch up from the bottom edge of the hem, then measure up one inch from that seam line and mark a second, parallel line with pins. This will make a curtain rod casing with a small ruffle along the top. One inch is enough for a standard rod to slip through. Test the size of the rod pocket by slipping the curtain rod through the casing. If you are satisfied with ease of the fabric moving across the rod, then stitch the line. Finally make your hem by folding over half inch of the edge, then three inches for the hem, then again stitch this. Now youa re ready to hang the curtains. As you get more confident with your sewing skills, you will be able to  even make shower curtains, tablecloths, etc.

Remember, if you simply cannot find the exact color, width or length of curtains that you are looking for, do not give up. It is actually a lot of fun to design and get creative and sew your own curtains and it will save your money as well, even if you are just a beginner at sewing.

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